Nordic Culture Point – one year closer to 2030

Artist with face painting walks through a sitting audience.

Photo: Inga-Stina Heikkinen

In 2022, Nordic Culture Point made additional funding available to Ukrainian refugee artists for artist residencies in the Nordic Region. Suomenlinna also became a stage for experimental interdisciplinary artistic events, with input from across the Nordic Region in the new venture, Nordic Culture Club.

Nordic co-operation as a whole has 2030 in its sights, with the vision of the Nordic Region being the most sustainable and integrated region in the world. At Nordic Culture Point, we want to focus our efforts where we can best benefit sustainability. In this, learning, diversity, and accessibility are key.

The diversity perspective is a special focus area for us this year, such as in the Culture and Art Programme where special funds have been set aside for use during the remainder of the programme period to draw attention to the Arctic, the indigenous perspective, and culture heritage. Learning is at the heart of the Nordic Bookworm project, which is designed to promote reading. During the year, educational material for Nordic picture books was made available through the project.

Nordic Culture Club is a hive of diversity and creativity, which will continue through 2023, as will our efforts to promote environmental sustainability. Towards the end of 2022, our efforts were recognised by way of the Miljökompassen environmental certification.