The Nordic Culture Point

The Nordic Culture Point is a cultural institution located in Helsinki, Finland. We are part of the official Nordic cooperation and we have three primary functions. We administer four Nordic grant programmes, run a library and cultural centre in downtown Helsinki, and host events.

The official Nordic cooperation takes place between the governments and parliaments in all the Nordic countries. The work is conducted within the framework of the Nordic Council of Ministers, where the governments cooperate, and in the Nordic Council, which is the parliamentarians’ forum for cooperation.  The cooperation aims to strengthen Nordic and regional interests and values, as well as to promote a stronger Nordic region in the world.

Culture at the core of the cooperation

Culture has always been a part of the official Nordic cooperation. Art and culture is an integrated part of a well-functioning society and a good life. Art and culture also has many other important functions in society, such as to further learning and discussion amongst people, and to promote creativity and critical thinking. All of these matters are central conditions for having a sustainable society that has the capacity to be renewable.

Our mission is to strengthen and promote Nordic cultural cooperation, in addition to popularising interesting and contemporary Nordic culture in Finland. The Nordic Culture Point annually supports about 500 cultural projects via four cultural grant programmes that are financed by the Nordic Council of Ministers. In addition, the institution arranges every year hundreds of events in Helsinki and the rest of Finland, as well as runs the only Nordic-oriented library in Finland and a Nordic cultural centre.

The institution’s most important target audiences are those who work within the field of arts and culture in the Nordics and the Baltic States, Finns interested in social and cultural issues, as well as Finnish schools, daycares and universities.

Ola Kellgren is the director of the Nordic Culture Point and the institution has fifteen co-workers. The organization has two offices in Helsinki: the cultural centre and library is located on Kajsaniemigatan 9, and the grant programmes’ office is located on the island of Sveaborg. See more detailed contact information.

The Nordic Culture Point is an institution under the Nordic Council of Ministers.


The Nordic Culture Point was born in the year of 2012 when two Nordic institutions merged.

The new organization was given its name from one of the previous institutions, Nordic Culture Point, which was located on Sveaborg. That institution was founded in 2007 with the purpose of administrating the Nordic Council of Ministers’ grant programmes for culture. Work within the field of official Nordic culture has been conducted on Sveaborg since the 1970’s.

The other former institution was named Nifin, the Nordic institute in Finland. Its function was to arrange cultural events and to run a Nordic-oriented library. Nifin was founded in 1997 and it was active on Kajsaniemigatan in Helsinki for 15 years.

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