First decision meeting Norden 0-30

The first decision meeting of Norden 0-30, 2021, was held on the 9th of April. The meeting followed the procedures of last year, being an online meeting.
We received 18 applications, with a total applied amount of 351 238€. The expert group granted 9 applications. Due to the current covid-situation we are receiving somewhat fewer applications.

All applicants provided a description of who the current pandemic has affected their activities. As in the previous rounds, most of the applications were within the areas of cultural and social activities.

Among the granted applications we projects such as Nordliga broar (Northern bridges), which aims at (our translation): strengthen youth organizations and their capacity, using their own tools, to work with the polarization of societies. The project will take place in 2021, and is made by youth from the Nordics and the Baltic states. It consists of a workshop and a seminar with the goal of producing a film and a guide”.


The second application round of this year has already opened (06.04.2021), and it will close on 06.05.2021, 15:59 local time Helsinki.
Are you planning to apply for funding? Remember to contact us before deadline to discuss your ideas.