Sound’s Hidden Journey Under Nordic Waters – Sense the feeling of being underwater through sounds

Sounds Hidden journey SoMe

Welcome to experience a multidimensional sound art installation by Nordic artists Laila Skovmand (DK), Petri Kuljuntausta (FI) and Jens L. Thomsen (FO).

The exhibition introduces the sensation of sounds travelling four times faster than they do in the air, of being completely surrounded by sound and elevates the feeling of being one with nature in a new sound art installation that includes soundscapes that have never been played to an audience before. 

Sound’s Hidden Journey Under Nordic Waters is a pioneering exploration of sounds underwater from an artistic point of view. 

The project is created by sound artists Petri Kuljuntausta (Finland), Laila Skovmand (Denmark), and Jens L. Thomsen (Faroe Islands). Together with sound engineer Roma Komar, they have created unique recordings of underwater reverb – from deep caves in the Atlantic to silent fjords in Greenland and the shallow waters of the beautiful lake Saanajärvi (Sánajávri). Each artist offers their own perspective on water – hovering between philosophy and science, myth, ethics, and aesthetics.

Between 13 and 20 April, the sound art exhibition at Suomenlinna explores humanity’s connection to water and raises questions about how we are influenced by our relationship with nature.  Welcome to dive into worlds of sound never before presented to the public!

During the process of creating the recordings, the artists were portrayed by documentary filmmakers Karin Pennanen, Benjamin Hesselholdt and Peter Sørensen. The films can be seen during the exhibition at Suomenlinna.

Free entry. The exhibition will be open on

  • Saturday 13 April 11-15
  • Tuesday 16 April 11-19
  • Wednesday 17 April 11-15
  • Thursday 18 April 11-19
  • Friday 19 April 11-15
  • Saturday 20 April 11-15

The project is produced by Between Music in collaboration with MiklagårdArts Finland, with support from Teledyne RESON.


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