The History of Sexism and the Re­sistance of Women

Nordic Culture Point will observe International Women’s Day by broadcasting a conversation with Norwegian feminist and author Marta Breen.


The conversation is based on Marta Breen’s and Jenny Jordahl’s book The Fall of the Patriarchy: The History of Sexism and the Resistance of Women (2021). In the book, Breen and Jordahl discuss the dramatic history of the women’s movement. They will be interviewed by Fenno-Swedish Peppe Öhman.

About the book

Throughout history, feminists around the world have been spat on and harassed. In the 18th century, famous feminists were beheaded at the guillotine, whilst 19th century suffragettes were thrown into prison. Even today, feminists and activists are imprisoned in Iran and Saudi Arabia, among other places. Feminists have been branded as devoid of humour, angry, and less attractive. However, new generations are growing up who dare to call themselves feminists and do so with pride. (Swedish description taken from Natur & Kultur’s website and translated)

About the participants

Marta Breen is one of Norway’s most prominent feminists. She’s also a journalist and writer. Breen has written several books on women in cultural life, on gender roles, and on feminism. She made her debut with the non-fiction book Girls, Wine and Song, in which she focuses on female music artists and music bands throughout history. Breen’s and Jordahl’s book Women in Battle: 150 years of fighting for freedom, equality and sisterhood is an international bestseller published in 27 countries.

Peppe Öhman is a Fenno-Swedish journalist and author whose eighth book is to be published by Norstedts Förlag this spring. Among other things, she has written Livet & Patriarkatet (translates as: “Life & Patriarchy”), a feminist handbook. She’s lived in Los Angeles since 2013.

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