The rapid change of Greenland’s nature – Lecture with Bo Normander

A galcier wall in Greenland

There’s hardly anywhere on the planet where the forces of nature and the adaptation to the harsh climate show a bigger contrast and diversity than in Greenland.

However, nature and biodiversity are changing rapidly in line with global climate change, which we can see from marked temperature rises and melting sea ice. Increased international interest in the country’s resources and its geopolitical significance, as well as increasing tourism also mean that understanding and disseminating knowledge about Greenland’s nature is essential when it comes to responsible tourism and the sustainable exploitation of its resources.

Bo Normander in front of a glacier
Photo: Vibeke Skousen

Bo Normander has led a project with contributions from experts at universities in Greenland and Denmark, and he is the main author of a new nature guide to Greenland which presents the country in a unique light. Normander has lived in Greenland and travelled the length and breadth of the country, gathering information about its nature, geology, climate, and the unique animal and plant life. He tells the story about Greenland’s nature vividly and enthusiastically, with beautiful pictures and profound information.

Over the course of the evening, we’ll also get travel tips for The Arctic Circle Trail, a beautiful and challenging 165-kilometre-long classic hiking trail in West Greenland and teasers from his sailing trip in the Evighet Fjord. “A large iceberg calves from the face of the glacier and hits the sea surface with a deafening crash. It is completely unexpected and we’re left almost speechless, standing there and staring from the boat, only a few hundred metres away. In the next few seconds, a threatening wave rises up.”

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