Ethno Arctic for young folk musicians

Ethno Arctic is a music camp with workshops and concerts for young folk musicians between 18 and 25 years of age. The main focus is on national minorities in the Arctic. The young participants play their own traditional music , create networks and exchange experiences during the camp.


The project has paid attention to accessibility and diversity by enabling persons with engaging persons with disabilities or persons whom identify themselves as LGBTQ+. The gender ratio among participants has been in balance. Accommodation has been adjusted to diverse needs of participants.

Communication among the nordic participants has been in both national majority languages (danish, norwegian, swedish) and the minority languages of participants (kalaallisut, kven and sami). International participants from regions outside of the Nordic countries got acquinted with the participating Nordic languages, too. Music was a common language for all participants.

Ethno Arctic received funding from VOLT for covering costs for Nordic participants in application rounds 2020 and 2021. An album from workshops at Ethno Arctic 2021 is available on


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