Volt is a culture and language programme for children and young people. It aims to make young people interested in each other’s arts, culture and language.

The target group consists of persons under the age of 25 in the Nordic region.

Which activities are funded?

Funding can be applied to for projects which target children and young people up to the age of 25, which focuses on the target group’s cultural and artistic creativity and participation. Funding is granted for all areas of the artistic culture such as film, literature, drama, visual arts and cultural heritage etc. – provided that all other criteria has been fulfilled.

For example, the projects may entail:

  • production of works, projects or other initiatives that require a creative process
  • plans which enable exchange and long-term cooperation for the project’s target group (persons up to 25 years)
  • activities which create dialogue, discussion and debate on the Nordic languages, art and culture based on the perspective of children and young people.

You cannot apply for funding for:

  • sports activities
  • study tours or scholarships for teaching
  • scout activities
  • political activities
  • commercial projects or activities that aim to generate a financial profit
  • activities that have already been completed. At the earliest, activities that are supported by the programme may begin 8 weeks after the application deadline


The support application may cover EUR 10,000 – 70,000. At least 30% of the funding must come from another source, and may consist of in-kind financing, that is, voluntary work or similar.

Therefore, this means that the grant from Volt can cover maximum 70% of the project’s costs.

Maximum 85% of the project can be funded with grants from other pan Nordic organisations, for example, the Nordic Culture Fund and Nordplus. Thus, the total funding from the Volt Programme and other Nordic organisations may not exceed 85% of the budget.

For an example of how to make a detailed budgetary appendix, please see here.

Who can apply?

Everyone within the field of culture and education can apply, provided that the project meets the programme’s criteria. Applicants can be:

  • individuals
  • groups
  • organisations, groups, institutions and associations

In order to receive funding from Volt, the project should be based on cooperation between at least three Nordic countries (Denmark, Finland, the Faroe Islands, Greenland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden or the Åland Islands). Furthermore, the project should be conducted in one or several of these countries.

It is not necessary for the applicants to be young, but they should have experience of working with the target groups.

The applicants should reside in the Nordic region, but it is not necessary for applicants to have Nordic nationality.

The project may have partners who do not reside in the Nordic region, but the programme cannot defray costs associated with them.

How is an application assessed?

The assessment is mainly based on project participants’ opportunities for participation, as well as their cultural and artistic creativity. However, an overall assessment is conducted based on the afore-mentioned criteria and depending on how well the application has managed to convey the following:

Involvement of children and young people
The programme supports projects which target children and young people up to the age of 25. The assessment attaches great importance to finding projects which engage young people in all areas of the project as much as possible. An assessment is made of the creativity, participation and co-determination of young people in the project, and how relevant the project’s activities actually are for children and young folks. Furthermore, the pedagogical methods and processes which the project uses to attain its objectives will be assessed.

The Nordic dimension and cooperation
The project contributes to joint creativity, networks and/or other exchanges between children and young people in the Nordic region. The project’s willingness to contribute to new, preferably long-term cooperative efforts is important. The project should make Nordic meetings and cooperation more relevant, and create an exchange between participants from at least three Nordic countries.

The project’s arts dimension
The project has children and young people’s creativity and their artistic production at the forefront. The project furthers an increasingly greater interest in the Nordic region’s arts, culture, language and societies. The project promotes an inclusive, interesting and developing artistic and cultural sphere.

The project’s language dimension
The project and its activities are encouraged to contribute to young people’s comprehension of Nordic languages and create interest in, and curiosity about, the Nordic language diversity and communication across linguistic boundaries. Use of languages in the projects may entail that they are used as a work tool, themes, as identity markers and/or culture bearers. An artistic expression may also constitute language.

Inclusion and equality
The project is able to reflect the diversity of society in terms of gender, gender identity and expression, cultural and ethnic background and functional ability.

Strategic focus

Another assessment tool is the document for Nordic Council of Ministers Strategy for the Nordic Cultural Co-operation 2013-2020 and Children and Young People in the Nordic Region: – a cross-sectoral strategy for the Nordic Council of Ministers 2016-2022.


To view an FAQ about our programmes, please click here.


Please note that the application deadline is 15:59, Finnish time. Granted projects may begin 5 weeks after the application deadline within the grant programme for Volt.

Application rounds:
01.06.2019 – 12.08.2019 15:59

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