Mobility Funding

Mobility Funding

Mobility Funding is part of the Nordic-Baltic Mobility Programme for Culture. The overall objective of the programme is to enhance cultural and artistic collaboration in the Nordic and Baltic countries by supporting traveling, networking and residential activities.

Mobility Funding is granted for travels and stays within the Nordic region and the Baltic states. It provides individuals and small groups with access to contacts and sources of inspiration, skills and knowledge in different parts of the region. It also provides an opportunity to present artistic and cultural productions and increase interest in Nordic and Baltic arts and culture.

What activities are funded?

Mobility Funding provides artists and cultural operators with the opportunity to travel and make new contacts in the region, exchange resources and skills, present artistic and cultural productions, promote interest in Nordic and Baltic arts and share sources of inspiration from the arts and culture.

This includes collaborative ventures with colleagues in other countries, guest performances, exhibitions, attending conferences, meetings and workshops, or research.

Mobility Funding is provided for travel between Nordic and/or Baltic countries and areas: Denmark, Estonia, Finland, the Faroe Islands, Greenland, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Sweden and Åland.

Who can apply?

Professional artists and others actively involved in arts and culture (e.g. curators, producers, literary translators, cultural editors and researchers) in all cultural and artistic genres:

  • Individuals
  • Groups of a maximum of six people

Applicants must be residents of the Nordic region (Denmark, Finland, the Faroe Islands, Greenland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden and Åland) or the Baltic states (Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania), but do not need to be Nordic or Baltic nationals.

A professional is defined as someone who has documented experience of working in the field of the arts and culture and/or has been trained in the arts or culture.

Organisations and companies are not eligible to apply for Mobility Funding.

Mobility Funding is not normally granted to students. Professional artists and others involved in a cultural sphere who embark on new studies may in some cases be given a grant if the purpose of the trip is part of the ongoing work of the individual concerned rather than connected with his or her studies.

Grants are not awarded to public or civil servants (officials of government agencies, local authorities, regional authorities or similar bodies).

Individuals and groups
The application must be submitted by the person who will be traveling. You may not apply for a grant on behalf of another person except in the case of group applications, where one of the team members/travellers must be stipulated as the individual responsible and contact person for the group.

All members of a group application must meet the requirements for professional activity in the arts and culture and reside in the Nordic region or Baltic states. If any one member of the group does not meet the requirements, the whole application will be rejected.

The application should clearly state that the individuals applying as a group comprise a unified artistic (or otherwise) group. This means that it is a prerequisite that everyone in the group is involved in achieving the purpose for which the travel is being undertaken. For example, a quartet or a dance company that is travelling to make a guest appearance is considered an artistically unified group. If a number of individuals such as producers, curators and artists want to apply for funding to attend a festival, for example, they should not apply as a group, but as individuals.

All participants listed in a group application must travel together from the same place and to the same destination.

If the members of a unified group with the same destination travel from different countries, can each of the members submit an individual application. These applications will be assessed together.

Time frame and grant amount

Mobility Funding covers expenses for travel and stays of up to 10 days. The amount is calculated on the basis of a fixed daily allowance, fixed average travel costs, the length of the stay and the destination. Applications must be for travel and stay, not one or the other. Applicants are not eligible to apply for additional funding, for example to cover things like production costs.

The web-based application form automatically calculates the amount applied for based on the destination and travel dates indicated. See the table for the amounts used as the basis for the calculation.

The grant covers one return trip, so is not suitable for tours that cover multiple countries, for example. You may submit only one application per call for applications. Grants are not available for travel that has commenced and/or been completed before the decision on the application has been made. This means that the first possible travel dates will be two months after the application deadline.

See the charts with the daily allowances, accommodation- and travel costs

Assessment criteria

Importance is attached to the following when assessing applications:

  • the quality of the project for which the journey is being made and the applicant(s) who is/are making it
  • visits promoting new constellations and initiatives
  • trips that build knowledge and new forms of art and artistic expression
  • projects and research of relevance to the Nordic-Baltic region

The Nordic-Baltic dimension
In this context, the Nordic-Baltic dimension means that the journey:

  • forges and increases contacts, communication and activities between Nordic and/or Baltic countries
  • strengthens the sense of Nordic-Baltic affinity in the cultural life of the Nordic and Baltic countries
  • improves understanding of the similarities and differences between the Nordic and Baltic countries
  • increases knowledge of Nordic and Baltic artists and their work

Applications are not accepted for travels within the same country/area or for travel to or from countries outside the Nordic Region/Baltic states. Grants for artists in residence is not prioritised within the framework of Mobility funding. This is because the Nordic-Baltic Mobility Programme for Culture also has special supoport for residency centres and promotes artist-in-residence programmes in the region in that way.

Application deadlines


21.07.2017 - 22.08.2017

22.09.2017 - 23.10.2017

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