LIVE STREAM – Literature discussion: Johanna Holmström

Svartvitt porträtt av Johanna Holmström

Nordic Culture Point is celebrating International Women’s Day with a live broadcast of a conversation with the Finnish-Swedish author Johanna Holmström.

One of Johanna’s works is the biography Borde hålla käft (“Should shut up”) about the life and production of Märta Tikkanen.

How do you write honestly about a living Nordic feminist icon? What problems can you encounter? And what was the state of Nordic feminism in the 1970s compared to now, post #MeToo? Is what’s private still political? The discussion will be moderated by cultural writer Johanna Lundin from Sweden. In collaboration with Förlaget

Svartvitt porträtt av Johanna Holmström
Johanna Holmström, Photo: Niklas Sandström

Johanna Holmström made her debut in 2003 with the collection of short stories Inlåst och andra noveller. Her third collection of short stories Camera Obscura (2009) won, among other things, the Svenska Dagbladet literature prize. Her latest book is the historical novel Själarnas ö which was nominated for the 2018 Runeberg Prize. In the book on Märta Tikkanen, Holmström’s writing takes a new turn. Can a writer describe a colleague’s life without also revealing anything about themselves?

Porträtt av Johanna Ludin
Johanna Lundin. Foto: Rogrigo Soto

Johanna Lundin has been active in Sweden’s cultural scene for more than a decade. In her digital channels, she writes and gives tips on culture, literature, and important societal issues. She is frequently called upon to act as a moderator, conversation leader, and presenter at author talks and cultural events, and is regularly seen on Swedish television, SVT, giving tips on books.

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