LIVE – Andri Snær Magnason & Inga Ravna Eira

Andri Snær Magnason (Iceland) and Inga Ravna Eira (Sápmi) are nominees for the Nordic Council Literature Prize 2021. In this live stream they are interviewed by Sunna Dís Másdóttir.


Andri Snær Magnason (born in 1973) has published novels, poems and plays. The polemical work Draumalandið, sjálfshjálparbók handa hræddri þjóð (Dreamland – A Self Help Manual For A Frightened Nation, Citizen Press 2008, translated into English by Nicholas Jones) became a best-seller in Iceland and has been made into a film. The book and the film led to intense debates on environmental issues in Iceland, and Andri Snær Magnason has long been one of his nation’s foremost combatants in this area.

Um tímann og vatnið is about our Earth and the future of our children and our descendants. The book is written in a balanced and insightful manner, based on a deep understanding of the subject and a strong will to make the world a better place than it is today.


Inga Ravna Eira (born in 1948) is an author, teacher, and translator. She was born to a reindeer-herding family in Karasjok, Norway, where she still lives. She writes poetry, short stories, and children’s books in North Sami.

Gáhttára Iđit / Vokterens Morgen / The Guardian’s Dawn is an example of both trilingual linguistic artistry and a virtual gift. Reading it can take you to an unexpected, elevated dimension in that the rhythm, repetition, and depictions in the texts, together with the photographs, come across as a single fused whole.

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