Cultural history meets Eider-farming and ecology in the Arctic

EXPERIMENT – EIDER & FARMER creates a multi-disciplinary art exhibition about a mutually beneficial human-animal relationship between eider and humans in the Arctic.


The project develops through a creative dialogue between artists, curators, Eider-farmers and scholars. The aim is to document, learn and share experiences from different Eider-farming traditions across the countries where the tradition of collecting Eiderdown is still vivid: Denmark, Iceland and Norway.

Experiment – Eider creates awareness of this unique arctic heritage and raises questions regarding wildlife and global warming.

The project was granted funding from Culture and art programme in 2021. Some participants have also received Mobility funding in 2020 or 2021 for their travel before and within the project.

The exhibition can be visited at Nordic House in Reykjavik until end of July 2022.