Skapa en profil och dela ditt kultur- och konstprojekt genom att skriva en blogg. Om du söker efter samarbetspartners från andra nordiska eller baltiska länder kan du bläddra i profilerna och knyta kontakter! Residens kan skapa profiler och meddela om öppna utlysningar på anslagstavlan.'s picture
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Rejmyre Art LAB’s post-graduate workshops create an...

<p>Rejmyre Art LAB’s post-graduate workshops...

Rejmyre Art LAB
Rejmyre Art LAB is an artist-run organization and a long-term, place-based research project that creates spaces for making, reflection and intensive exchange. Our activities include an international artist residency program, intensive post-graduate Nordic/Baltic network and workshops, a platform for experimental and conceptual glass projects in the Reijmyre Glasbruk, public seminars and an annual program of installations and interventions in and around the town of Rejmyre. Rejmyre Art LAB's programming is born of a long-term engagement with the town of Rejmyre in the Östergötland region of Sweden. Rejmyre is located amongst the forests and lakes two hours southwest of Stockholm. The purpose of our work together has been to create a post-institutional teaching and learning space; a non-hierarchical meeting place, for ourselves and others, to continue to grow and engage.

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