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Rejmyre Art LAB

Rural Resistance - Post MFA Workshop

11.04.2017 | Rejmyre Art LAB

Rural Resistance - Post MFA Workshop for recent graduates from the Nordic and Baltic Art Academies

5-11 Aug, 2017, Rejmyre, Sweden

Rejmyre Art LAB’s post-graduate workshops create an opportunity for continued engagement for a select group of recent graduates from leading international MFA programs. 

As an artist-run organization, focused on place-based making, we seek to craft an intimate environment, where we can learn from eachother and the engagement with a particular site. Our 2017 workshop, Rural Resistance, attempts to think the relationship between these two terms. As the call to resistance sounds in response to authoritarian, nationalist movements around the world, we turn our attention to studying and perhaps developing strategies of resistance inherent in our artistic practices. Simultaneously, we are considering what strategies of resistance exist within the rural context, and the drive towards a rural existence.
The workshop is open to practitioners from both visual art and craft educations, seeking to create a meeting place between these two fields. Activities include a combination of individual and collaborative exercises, work presentations, peer critique and living together in community.

Since its inception in 2009, Rejmyre Art LAB's workshops, residencies, seminars and exhibitions have engaged Rejmyre, a small, glass factory town, and the nearby village of Kalbo, both located amidst the forest and lakes two hours southwest of Stockholm.

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