Female composer's early works gives new life to the famous poet's poems

Female composer's early works gives new life to the famous poet's poems

03.07.2017 - 18:30

A composer, an illustrator and a hobby publisher have together made the songbook “Three Songs to Poems by Bo Setterlind” (FemiFiction Förlag) to a published reality. The collaboration came about thanks to the platform lookforskill.com. The publication is available for sale through Swedish Internet bookstores as of 2017-07-07.

“Three Songs to Poems by Bo Setterlind” by Karin Merazzi Jacobson contains three poems by the famous Swedish poet Bo Setterlind, set to music for soprano and piano (1974) and includes singable translations in English, German, Italian and French.

The edition also offers, in addition to scores with lyrics, the story of how the compositions came into being. The content forms a mosaic of notes, prose, poetry and history, as it also contains printed historical clippings related to the work, from the composer's private possession.

Bo Setterlind himself received the songs with enthusiasm in 1975 and also expressed his pleasure to see a young Swedish female composer working in a traditional man-dominated art form.

The composer Karin Merazzi Jacobson studied at the United World College of the Atlantic in South Wales (1973-75) and received in 1975 a student prize “the Nobel Award” - which was awarded only once - for her Setterlind-Songs. She was born and raised in Värmland, Sweden. Since the early 80s, she lives and works in Switzerland.