Kvinna vid strand med sjögräs i håret

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Kvinna vid strand med sjögräs i håret
Hakukierros Projektin nimi Tuensaaja Maa Tuki

Kulturföreningen Konsthall C – AIR2301

Kulturföreningen Konsthall C Sweden 45500.00

Facing climate change through social justice and intersectionality – we are inviting artists and researches who want to investigate the urgency of the climate crisis and how it intersects with questions of social justice. Working with methods of intersectionality to understand how characteristics such as race, place, gender identity, and geography intersect with each other and interact with power structures to create and reinforce power, privilege and discrimination in a nordic context.


Small Projects – AIR2301

Small Projects Norway 50000.00

Small Projects is changing its way of running and existence, and focus more on long term residencies with a focus on Nordic and Baltic artists, performers, curators and academics. Every selected artists will be partnered with a local artist to create an immediate dialogue with someone rooted in Tromsø. Each invited artist will be presented publicly through a talk, presentation, or an exhibition.


Eesti Kirjanduse Selts / Estonina Literary Society – AIR2301

Eesti Kirjanduse Selts / Estonina Literary Society Estonia 36550.00

In 2023-2025 the Tartu UNESCO City of Literature will organise a residency programme aimed at writers of all genres (fiction, poetry, documentary, drama) who are residents of a Nordic or Baltic country and have strong connection to at least one other UNESCO City of Literature in the region: Reykjavik, Lillehammer, Göteborg, Kuhmo or Vilnius. The program offers 2-month residencies for 5 writers altogether and the selection process of the writers will be organised through an open call.


Association ”Miško uostas” – AIR2301

Association "Miško uostas" Lithuania 29456.00

The Trainspotting Art Residency invites four sound artists/ workgroups from Nordic and Baltic countries for a residency across a four month period. Through a focus of placemaking, artists will create sound works for train passengers based on their experiences of Švenčionėliai – a derelict town built around a train station, transformed by creative community ”Miško uostas”. The residency invites a sonic discovery of the town’s heritage through engagement with its developing local community.


Helsinki Urban Art – AIR2301

Helsinki Urban Art Finland 26000.00

Helsinki Urban Art will open a residency for Nordic and Baltic street artists in Helsinki, Finland. The residence offers two-month stays in 2023 and 2024 during time periods suitable for working outdoors. The residency program is in continuum with Helsinki Urban Art’s aim at strengthening the Nordic and Baltic network of street artists and cultural operators. Should the residency program be successful, Helsinki Urban Art has interest in continuing running the residency in the future.


BIRCA – Bækkelund International Residency Center for Artists – AIR2301

BIRCA - Bækkelund International Residency Center for Artists Denmark 49960.00

Laboratorium for new ecological performing arts around the Baltic Sea is inviting 12 performing artists located in Nordic/Baltic region for a residency of 2 weeks on Bornholm with the aim of creating a network of artists who works in the area of ecological art. The residencies will in close relation to nature investigate how to use sensous emotional tools to create strong artistic expressions and interventions, that will shape visions for a future where we can live in harmony with nature.


TRYKKERIET – Center for Contemporary Printmaking – AIR2301

TRYKKERIET - Center for Contemporary Printmaking Norway 50000.00

The support for the AIR program will go towards funding costs with having 6 AIR persons at Trykkeriet over 3 years (2 annually). Due to our production means, the artists are encouraged to produce graphic art in the expanded field and/or large scale prints. During their stay, each will have up to 20 workdays with our professional master printers pluss 40 days of studio time. Trykkeriet will arrange artist talks in collaboration with Hordaland Art Center.


Suomen sarjakuvaseura – AIR2301

Suomen sarjakuvaseura Finland 17876.00

CUNE Comics-in-Residence will arrange four residencies for comic artists and professionals in Helsinki in 2023. CUNE CiR is organised by Finnish Comics Society in partnership with HIAP – Helsinki International Artist Programme and Villa Eläintarha. CUNE CiR enables mobility of Nordic and Baltic comics art and essential networking between the region’s creators.


Botkyrka konsthall – AIR2301

Botkyrka konsthall Sweden 39585.00

The Creative Home Residency, hosted by Residence Botkyrka and AllArtNow, is supporting artists who are parents and in any type of family constellation. The programme takes into consideration the challenges artists face when trying to further their international networks and artistic careers, and offers child friendly accommodation where partners / accompanying persons are welcome to join, possibilities to present their work or research in Botkyrka Konsthall and/or Extension Art Space.


MASSIA residency – AIR2301

MASSIA residency Estonia 49623.00

With the N/B AiR program, MASSIA invites 6 individual artists and 2 artist collectives whose work engage with the intersections of art and ecology. MASSIA, located in the Estonian coastal countryside and with its emphasis on art and ecology, provides an ideal environment for the residents to work, to build networks with other creative professionals, and to develop their artistic work in relation to regional and global crisis, resilience and wellbeing of human and non-human communities.


VšĮ Priespauda / hands on press – AIR2301

VšĮ Priespauda / hands on press Lithuania 21508.00

The Hands on Press residency invites artists whose practice focuses on small editions of printed-matter. The main objective of the self-directed artist-in-residence programme is to set up an opportunity for Nordic artists, illustrators and/or visual researchers to explore their own creativity through self-publishing and riso-printing, in the context of Kaunas, Lithuania and its creative community.


Estonian Young Architecture Society – AIR2301

Estonian Young Architecture Society Estonia 50000.00

VARES is an international multidisciplinary residency for spatial practice, whose main task is to seek, find and create alternative spatial practices that are not dictated by market logic. We are interested in finding ways to practice slow architecture, critically rethinking the discipline of architecture, learning and resurrecting vernacular and traditional crafts, gathering old and used materials and creating a place for lifelong learning for architects and spatial practitioners.


Milvus Artistic Research Center – AIR2301

Milvus Artistic Research Center Sweden 49962.00

‘WITH CARE’ is a residency program for site-responsive performance interventions and community-based artistic practices at MARC. It encompasses five artists/artist groups from the Nordic and Baltic regions handpicked for their previous work with communities, space, and place, ranging from workshop-based performances and film documentaries to immersive live choreographic installations.


Mustarinda Association – AIR2301

Mustarinda Association Finland 50000.00

The Mustarinda Association is a group of artists, researchers and educators, whose goal is to promote the ecological reconstructions of society, a diversity of naturecultures, and connection between arts and sciences. At the center of it’s activity lie contemporary art, boundary-crossing research, practical experimentation, communication, teaching and events. During the years 2023-2024 Mustarinda work focuses on the overarching theme of “Art, communality and eco-social transition”.


The Lithuanian Interdisciplinary Artists’ Association – AIR2301

The Lithuanian Interdisciplinary Artists’ Association Lithuania 49980.00

The Festivity Residency programme, organized by Lithuanian Interdisciplinary Artist Association (LIAA) is dedicated to the research and artistic interpretation of the holiday phenomenon. The Festivity Residency is open for the artists, art and humanities researchers, and activists who are exploring the phenomenon and elements of different celebrations in their practice. 6 participants will be selected by open call for a 3 month long residency in Vilnius, Lithuania.

Tuensaajat kertovat

Lähikuva Francesca Vincentiestä pimeässä konserttitilassa

Francesca Vincentie, Nordic Remix (musiikki)

”Syntyi ainutlaatuinen, yhteinen soundi, kun saimme viikon ajan haastaa toistemme näkemyksiä ja jakaa oman kielen, perinteet ja inspiraation toisten osallistujien kanssa.” Lue lisää

Kolme naista seisoo kolmen miehen päälaella.

Erik Glas, Kaaos Kaamos (nykysirkus)

”Se, että joku tekee kolme volttia peräkkäin ja laskeutuu virheettömästi, ei ole kiinnostavaa. Me haluamme tuoda esiin ihmisyyden esiintyjissä. Se on usein raskasta ja inhottavaakin – ja niin se saa ollakin.” Lue lisää


Gustav Person, taustalla seinä täynnä piirustuksia.

Gustav Person, Form in Motion (kuvataide)

”Volt-ohjelman tuella pystyimme toteuttamaan hankkeen kolmessa Pohjoismaassa samanaikaisesti. Nuoret Katrineholmista saivat tavata nuoria Färsaarilta ja Oslosta, ja se oli upea kokemus.” Lue lisää