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Kvinna vid strand med sjögräs i håret
Hakukierros Projektin nimi Tuensaaja Maa Tuki

Latvian Information Dance Center – SHRT2302

Latvian Information Dance Center Latvia 20000.00

The aim is to raise awareness of Baltic Dance artists and dance organizations, to develop networking and to communicate Baltic Dance as three Baltic countries’ joint platform. The network enables a stronger collective international presence of the Baltic Dance scene as we have created possibilities to ease artistic and organizational collaboration, a dissemination of information and to stimulate new joint creative initiatives between Lithuanian, Latvian and Estonian dance communities.


Baltic Lines – SHRT2302

Baltic Lines Latvia 20000.00

The main intention of the project is to delve into the socio-cultural, historical, and geopolitical dimensions unfurled by Rail Baltica’s integration across the Baltic region. Gathering a network of artists and interdisciplinary researchers across Baltic and Nordic countries, the project embarks on an exploration of the inclusion of Baltic States in the European fabric, weaving the tapestry of the Eastern past with threads of present aspirations and Nordic European identity.


Föreningen för Mixkultur – SHRT2302

Föreningen för Mixkultur Sweden 16390.00

1.2 Global North is Nordic network for transmission of world-global-roots music in the Nordic region. The aim of the network is to support an connect musicians and organizers in the Nordic region.
We want to create a platform for Global music where both skill development, training, artists and organizers have the opportunity to gather lessons learned and take part in the facts.


Dance Cooperative – SHRT2302

Dance Cooperative Denmark 20000.00

Working within work is the beginning of a network dedicated to knowledge sharing and exchange between artist-run dance and performing arts organisations from the Nordic region. The first two meeting will take place at höjden studios in Stockholm and Dance Cooperative in Copenhagen. The exchange meetings will consist of lectures, workshops and will accumulate in final showcases inviting the public to a peek into the process.


Konsthall C – SHRT2302

Konsthall C Sweden 18500.00

Parasympathetic Beings is a network that brings together art institutions, scholars and artists that work within public housing areas and/or with a focus on urban planning. The objective of the network is to establish a deeper conversation within the fields of contemporary art and urban planning in the Nordic region. The long-term objective is to promote a more nuanced and evidence-based discourse in urban development, on both professional and popular levels.


Lithuanian Composers’ Union – SHRT2302

Lithuanian Composers' Union Lithuania 20000.00

The Baltic Contemporary Music Network is dedicated to aligning and directing joint efforts for the progressive growth of contemporary classical music events in partnership with European allies. Its core activities include hosting the annual Baltic Music Days festival, executing music export initiatives and establishing robust international partnerships to engage in various levels and contexts of events.


JC Copenhagen – SHRT2302

JC Copenhagen Denmark 20000.00

An artistic driven network for dance film makers and dance film supporters in the Nordic and Baltic regions. Development of a manifesto, hosting of workshops and screenings of dance films. The network is build upon conversations around the practise of dance film making and go into dialogue with the community and audience by hosting talks and network facilities.


Tanssiteatteri Rimpparemmi ry – SHRT2302

Tanssiteatteri Rimpparemmi ry Finland 20000.00

In Arctic Dance Network we aim to bring together all of the professionals working in the northern dance field. We want to offer them support, connections and an encouraging community. Together we can establish a vibrant Northern dance sector with plenty of cross-border collaboration. This is an after pandemic urge to connect again physically in the world of distance meetings and emails, to know the colleague by movement too. Stay Cool -events are an answer to this urge.


SixtyEight Art Institute – SHRT2302

SixtyEight Art Institute Denmark 20000.00

A collaborative network about the ideas of the circadian rhythm and the cycle of the seasons. Connected to Tycho Brahe’s former observatory and garden on Ven, it will address the ‘macrocosm’ and ‘microcosm’, fundamental concepts in thinking about the world and its place in the cosmos at the time. As our climate changes and technological innovations begin to alter the economy and labour, the network will seek a deeper understanding of how the circadian rhythm and the seasons affect our bodies.


Finnish Light Art Society FLASH – SHRT2302

Finnish Light Art Society FLASH Finland 20000.00

‘Lýsa’, from the old Norse word meaning ‘to illuminate’’. Lýsa network has the goal of creating a Nordic community of light art curators, producers and programmers responsible for light art events. Lýsa builds on the Nordic Lights project at Nordic Bridges, developing a network to foster and promote light art by Nordic artists in the Nordic region and internationally. Via site visits and a Spring General Meeting, Lýsa aims to build touring networks, collaborations and new sustainable strategies.


Operomanija – SHRT2302

Operomanija Lithuania 20000.00

The Baltic Contemporary Opera Network is a joint initiative led by partners from Lithuania, Latvia & Estonia. Its overarching goal is to facilitate cultural exchange, the sharing of best practices, and the development of collaborative ventures within the realm of contemporary opera. This genre is an outstanding cultural phenomenon that represents the Baltics on the international stage. The network’s focus lies in fostering cooperation among independent creators and producers within the region.


Kulttuuri-, mielipide- ja tiedelehtien liito Kultti ry – SHRT2302

Kulttuuri-, mielipide- ja tiedelehtien liito Kultti ry Finland 18000.00

The aim of the network is to facilitate opportunities for Nordic cultural magazines to converge, collaborate, and share ideas. Our inclusive platform also welcomes Baltic countries, fostering cross-cultural dialogue and enriching creative landscapes. The project encompasses diverse collaborations among Nordic cultural magazines to foster mutual learning and development. Partners share experiences, challenges, and successes while exploring prospects for collaboration.


Helsingør Teater – SHRT2302

Helsingør Teater Denmark 20000.00

The aim for NSN II is to further relations between Nordic-Baltic organisations and artists working with performing arts in public space. First round revealed huge interest and identified needs and relevant steps to further the network, strengthen knowledge and deepen understanding between the main agents in the end aim to strengthen opportunities for Nordic-Baltic artists working in public space on the one hand, and support the organisations in their aim to reach diverse audiences on the other.


LP Flamenco c/o Coffeino AB – SHRT2302

LP Flamenco c/o Coffeino AB Sweden 20000.00

Flamenco engages 100 or so people working professionally within the arts field in FIN, SWE, NO, DK, ISL & EST. The objective of this network is to
1. To establish sustainable, long-term collaboration in the realms of education, children & youth engagement, stage production and festivals.
2. To serve as a gateway to established dance and music institutions and public. The network members possess artistic backgrounds and are involved in producing both intimate, small and large-scale productions.


sia lazytime – SHRT2301

sia lazytime Latvia 12000.00

The goal of CindyKate is to provide the small music venues in the Baltics (Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania) with the opportunity to collaborate with one another, as well as to educate the venues on how to create more sustainable business models and implement sustainability and diversity practices in their daily work.

The core objective of CindyKate is to support the circulation of artists and to enable grass-roots organisations and micro-organisations, to be active at an international level.


Nordic Animation Pitching / Finnish Animation Guild – SHRT2301

Nordic Animation Pitching / Finnish Animation Guild Finland 6500.00

Nordic Animation Pitching is a new program for short animations from Nordic countries. The aim of this program is to create a place for filmmakers and investors to meet and to develop their ideas, but also increase collaboration in the animation industry between Nordic countries. Filmmakers from Nordic countries can apply to the program with an idea or a script. Created by Finnish Animation Guild, the first Nordic Animation Pitching is going to take place in Helsinki during the May 2023.


NGO 2.tants – SHRT2301

NGO 2.tants Estonia 20000.00

The smallest countries share similar needs in terms of developing their art ecologies for which internationalisation is essential. This network will join existing forces and resources to redefine cultural creation and circulation of their artists and art workers abroad. Through in person meetings, online webinars and mentorship, this network will build knowledge and capacity of working internationally, expand horizons and generate new visibility opportunities towards larger creative neighbours.


Arakelow Yelena – SHRT2301

Arakelow Yelena Iceland 12000.00

”Connecting North Atlantic Islands through Dance Art” is a project to connect professional artists within the field of dance in the North Atlantic Islands. The aim is to create a network in order to share resources, and support innovative initiatives. This project is created by and for emerging freelance dance artists working in the Faroe Islands, Greenland and Iceland.


Foreningen Danske Dansehistorier – SHRT2301

Foreningen Danske Dansehistorier Denmark 6000.00

Dancing/Archives is a newly established network for Nordic artists, researchers and archivists engaged in archival work within dance history, through explorations of bodily and choreographic practices. By focusing on knowledge sharing and collegial exchange in practice, the main objective of the network is to connect and enrich work of artists and academic researchers, and thus contribute to a development of embodied research and archiving methods in dance and choreography in a Nordic context.


Helsinki Urban Art – SHRT2301

Helsinki Urban Art Finland 19000.00

The project initiates the creation of a collaborative street art network between Finland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. The aim is to establish professional connections between different street art organisations in Finland and the Baltics, as well as introduce local street artists to different countries’ professionals.


Aasma Mira – SHRT2301

Aasma Mira Sweden 10000.00

PUNC is a music creation network and a music event, bringing together fxmale (= women, non binary, and other gender minorities) writers and producers from Sweden, Denmark and Iceland for music business networking, meetings and talks, and finally – in connection to Iceland Airwaves in November 2023 – hold the first fxmale writing camp in Iceland. The vision is to start collaborations between fxmale writers and producers from the Nordic countries, strengthening networks and representation.


Stiftelsen Färgfabriken – SHRT2301

Stiftelsen Färgfabriken Sweden 19500.00

The way we give meaning to our environment often seems obvious. The garden, as an example, seems to be apparent to us, producing pleasure for us, humans. The main objective of this network is to activate a constructive dialogue between contemporary art institutions in Stockholm, Tallinn, Riga and Vilnius that explores the possibilities of communicating climate change beyond the conventional exhibition apparatus via the conceptualizing of the garden as an eco-system beyond the human gaze.


Palanga Street Radio – SHRT2301

Palanga Street Radio Lithuania 20000.00

Independent Community Radio Network (ICRN) connects like-minded radios in the Baltic-Nordic region (Palanga Street Radio, Tirkultura, IDA Radio, The Lake Radio) for joint professional development and knowledge building activity with the goal of establishing sustainable futures for our field. We share a community focus and common values of creative freedom, independence and forming cross-border relationships to foster a non-competitive environment for the sharing of culture, locally and online.

Tuensaajat kertovat

Lähikuva Francesca Vincentiestä pimeässä konserttitilassa

Francesca Vincentie, Nordic Remix (musiikki)

”Syntyi ainutlaatuinen, yhteinen soundi, kun saimme viikon ajan haastaa toistemme näkemyksiä ja jakaa oman kielen, perinteet ja inspiraation toisten osallistujien kanssa.” Lue lisää

Kolme naista seisoo kolmen miehen päälaella.

Erik Glas, Kaaos Kaamos (nykysirkus)

”Se, että joku tekee kolme volttia peräkkäin ja laskeutuu virheettömästi, ei ole kiinnostavaa. Me haluamme tuoda esiin ihmisyyden esiintyjissä. Se on usein raskasta ja inhottavaakin – ja niin se saa ollakin.” Lue lisää


Gustav Person, taustalla seinä täynnä piirustuksia.

Gustav Person, Form in Motion (kuvataide)

”Volt-ohjelman tuella pystyimme toteuttamaan hankkeen kolmessa Pohjoismaassa samanaikaisesti. Nuoret Katrineholmista saivat tavata nuoria Färsaarilta ja Oslosta, ja se oli upea kokemus.” Lue lisää