Volt funding awarded to eight projects

Volt havde beslutningsmøde den 8. maj 2024

Sofie Hoppe Søe (DK), Bente S Andersen (NO) and Ivaaq Kriegel (GL) are members of the expert group for Volt. Photo: Sidsel Eskesen.

Eight children’s and youth projects received funding in this year’s application round for the youth culture and language programme Volt. According to Sofie Hoppe Søe, who chaired the decision-making expert group meeting, an important criterion was that children and young people should have opportunities for influence in the projects that were granted funding.

“Many applicants have been good at formulating their focus and intentions with their projects,” notes Sofie Hoppe Søe, adding that concrete frameworks demonstrating how the project can be implemented in practice were valued by the expert group.

“It’s also important that the projects enable children and young people to have agency in the project, and that they’re given the opportunity to take responsibility and have a say in what will come out of the project. The dialogue-creating function is also important,” says Sofie.

All dialogue promotes language exchange

The projects that were granted funding range from skateboard ramps to folk dancing, which Hoppe Søe sees as being the beauty of Volt – the programme isn’t only about high culture and literature. She believes that the language dimension in Volt can be fulfilled in various ways.

“If you do something together, whether it’s dancing or building a skateboard ramp, it’s something that promotes language exchange as you learn from each other,” says Sofie.

Examples of projects that have been granted funding

  • Nordens Allerbedste Pensumløse Poesi is an annual anthology featuring the best poems of the year selected by young poetry enthusiasts (aged 15 to 25) from across the Nordic Region. The poems are selected by young editors in Denmark, Iceland, Sweden, and Norway. NAPP24 is the fifth anthology in the NAPP series.
  • The Apple Machine will give children the opportunity to explore the abundance of apples in the Nordic Region through urban forest expeditions, building workshops, and public events. The project aims to create a connection to nature and celebrate local food culture while promoting children’s creativity and community.
  • The project Roest involves a group of young people from across the Nordic Region gathering at Mors Cultural Meeting to give speeches about culture and youth life from the perspective of Nordic young people. The project aims to strengthen Nordic youth citizenship, community, and the voice of young people in the common Nordic dialogue about culture and Nordic youth life.

See all the projects granted funding in this round here. The exact application window for the 2025 round of Volt will be announced on our website this autumn.