Nordic Forum on Youth, Peace and Security

Photo: Kristian Keinänen

In September 2023, UN Youth of Finland, the UN Student Association of Norway, and the National Council of Swedish Children and Youth Organizations brought together young peacebuilders from across the Nordic countries in Helsinki for the first ever Nordic Forum on Youth, Peace and Security. The event was a part of the Youth Peace Week.

Participants took part in several knowledge-building sessions held by the Finnish Peace Education Institute and the MENA Youth, Peace and Security Coalition, as well as capacity-building workshops led by UN Youth of Finland and the Dag Hammarskjold Foundation. The event also included a hearing with the Nordic Youth Council, as well as discussions and workshops aimed at exploring UNSCR2250, and identifying the challenges and opportunities related to its implementation and advocacy at both the national and regional levels. Sini Al Fraidawi, who is Project Coordinator for the Nordic Forum on Youth, Peace and Security, explained more about the event.

“The Nordic Forum on Youth, Peace and Security underscored the enthusiasm, innovation, and solution-oriented mindset of young peacebuilders, while emphasising the importance of including young people in peace processes. However, it also underscored the necessity of a regional approach to UNSCR2250 Youth, Peace and Security,” says Al Fraidawi

The forum’s greatest achievements are uniting Nordic young peacebuilders, identifying challenges and potential solutions and, most importantly, laying the groundwork for enhanced Nordic co-operation on UNSCR2250 with the establishment of the Nordic Coalition on Youth, Peace and Security.

In addition, the coalition serves as a networking platform for young peacebuilders across the Nordic Region, providing them with the knowledge and tools they need to progress within the field of peacebuilding and drive the Youth, Peace and Security Agenda forwards.

The project has been granted funding from the Norden 0-30 programme in 2023.

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Foto: Kristian Keinänen