Our Kitchen Tales

Our Kitchen Tales is a collaborative project that was granted funding from the VOLT programme. During the project children in the age of 6-10 got to explore the role of food in culture and together they co-created the multilingual cookbook Our Kitchen Tales. The aim of the project is to create a glossary of new Nordic cuisine that exhibits how food can become a material for artistic expression.

Led by a group of children from two Nordic schools (Sweden and Norway) and a team of designers, consisting of Patricia Csobánczi, Prachi Patil and Torstein Aas, Our Kitchen Tales also investigates the interplay between food and language. The project resulted in several workshops and the cookbook. The workshop tools and methods not only deepened the children’s understanding of language but also fostered creativity in the context of exploring food culture.

With a focus on food sustainability, they utilized local food ingredients and embraced sustainable food practices such as foraging and exploring seaweed as a sustainable food option. They also learned about the different ingredients’ history as well as each other’s foods, cultures and traditions. Through this, the project highlights the similarities and differences in how families prepare food using the same ingredients in different ways. Ultimately it celebrates the diversity of food cultures in the Nordic region while also emphasizing the shared experiences that unite us all.

The project has been granted funding from the VOLT programme in 2023

The cookbook Out Kitchen Tales was also published digitally and can be accessed here.