Nordic youth conference on democracy and freedom of expression

In the autumn of 2022, Voksenåsen will organize a Nordic youth conference with a focus on democracy and freedom of expression in Nordic countries. The target group is Swedish, Norwegian and Danish youth aged 15-24. The conference is intended as a first step in the work to establish an annual conference of and for Nordic youth with the overall theme of democracy and freedom of expression.

The goal is to create an event that contributes to the exchange of knowledge, ideas and experience related to democracy and freedom of expression, and which can act as a catalyst for democratic talent development and Nordic networking in the field. At the conference, participants will meet decision-makers, researchers, experts, and representatives from civil society in Norway, Sweden and Denmark. The program will include various formats with the main emphasis on active participation and interaction between the participants. Examples of current content are debate training, courses in political influence, discussion and reflection exercises related to democracy and human rights, etc.

The project is funded by Norden 0-30.

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