Nordic Remix – Combined voices of the future

Drummer on a stage with a black background

Nordic remix- Combined voices of the future was created by a team of musicians, storytellers, videographers, photographers and journalists in Sisimiut, Greenland. The collaborate art project was made by combining different expressions, languages, traditions and heritages and resulted both in a multi-media piece and a concert with newly written music.  

The process demanded change of mindsets and openness to ideas and new perspectives that derived from being together and working with a variety of expressions with new people from Denmark, Greenland, Iceland, Norway, Sápmi and Sweden. The shared stories and traditions created a special level of understanding for each other. 

The project was funded by Culture and art programme, which also enables Arctic collaborations for arts and culture.

Video credits:

Produced by Francesca Vincentie
Edited by Julia Rignot
Sound Design by Francesca Vincentie
Images courtesy of Are We Europe, Arctic Sounds, Inuuteq Kriegel, Christian Helgi, Aputsiaq Jonathansen, and Julia Rignot
Music courtesy of Working Dogs