Library Information

Library Info

About the library

The library and cultural centre are unique Nordic assets, and their location in downtown Helsinki means they are easily accessible. Come on in!

You can borrow fiction by Nordic authors, in all of the Nordic languages. You can also borrow films and TV series from the Nordic countries. The library also has a wide-ranging collection of non-fiction.

The children’s section contains music, films, picture books, fiction and non-fiction in Swedish, Finnish, Norwegian, Danish, Icelandic, Faroese and Greenlandic. There is also a young people’s section with a collection of Nordic books and films.

If you are interested in Nordic current affairs, you csn peruse our collection of Nordic daily newspapers and magazines. You are also welcome to use our computer workstations and wi-fi, or just find a quiet spot to focus on your work, your studies or a good book.

Nordic Culture Point also runs regular events with an emphasis on Nordic culture, e.g. visits by authors , film screenings, concerts seminars on topical social themes and discussions of Nordic issues.


Opening hourds

June and August Mon-Fri open from 10-16
Closed for summer 23.6-31.7.

From September onwards

Mon, Tue, Thu 10–17
Wed 10–19
Fri 10–16
Sat 11–15

On days before holidays the library closes at 16.


Kajsaniemigatan 9, Helsinki

Postal address:
Postbox 231, 00171 Helsinki

Tel. 010 583 1000 (8,35 cent/call + 16,69 cent/min.)



  1. Apply for a library card

    You will need a library card to borrow from Nordic Culture Point. To obtain one, complete the application form with your contact details and present photographic ID. If you are under 15, you will also need the consent of your parent or guardian. Rules for borrowing in full.

  2. Searching the catalogue and borrowing items

    All of the items available in the collections are listed on our catalogue. The catalogue is fully searchable, and shows you which items are available and which are currently on loan. Books, audiobooks and CDs may be borrowed for up to 28 days. Films may be borrowed for up to seven days, TV series for up to 14 days. You may renew a loan up to five times, after which you must return the item to the library. You may also reserve items that are currently out on loan. You will need a PIN to log in to your library account, renew loans and make reservations.

  3. Log in to your library account

    Using your four-digit PIN and library card number, you can log into your personal library account, renew loans, reserve items and amend your contact details.



The right to borrow

The Nordic Culture Point library is open to all residents of the Nordic countries. To borrow items, you will need you need a library card, which is free and can be obtained at the library on presentation of a passport, driver’s licence or ID card. If you have a temporary address in a Nordic country, you have the temporary right (lasting three months) to borrow from the library.

The library card is non-transferrable. You are personally responsible for items borrowed using it. Always notify the library of changes to your personal or contact details.

Children & young people under 15

Children aged 7–14 must have the consent of their parent, guardian or another legal representative. A form for this purpose is available from the library or direct from our website.
We do not fine customers under 15 for overdue items. However, after three reminder letters, they lose the right to borrow from the library. They can regain the right to borrow by returning or replacing the item as per the library’s rules for lost or damaged items.

Loan periods

Films: Seven days

TV series: 14 days
Books, audiobooks and music 28 days

Renewal of loans

Loans may be renewed. Log in to your account on the library website, using your library card number and PIN. The library will supply you with a PIN on presentation of your passport, driver’s licence or ID card. You may also contact the library by e-mail or phone to renew your loans.

You cannot renew a loan if:

  • another user has reserved the item
  • you have already renewed five times
  • you owe €8 or more in fines

Overdue loans

All material must be renewed or returned by the due date. Overdue fees apply if the material is not returned on time:

Books and audiobooks: €0.10/loan/day DVDs and CDs: €0.20/loan/day

Fines are only payable for days on which the library is open. The maximum fine per item is €5.

One week after the loan has expired, the library will send you a reminder by e-mail. The library will send a further two reminders – the first by e-mail, the second by post. This also applies to customers under the age of 18. You are always responsible for returning items on time.

Your right to borrow items from the library will be withdrawn if you have unpaid fees totalling €8 or more. To regain the right, you must pay the sum in full.

Lost or damaged items

The user is liable for any loss or damage to borrowed items. If an overdue item is not returned or renewed after three reminders, your account details will be passed to the debt-collection agency Lindorff AB.

Costs for lost or damaged items:

Books (adults): €20 Books (children & young people): €10
Movies and TV series (adults): €40 Films (children & young people): €20
CDs: €20
Audiobooks: €20

If you want to replace the lost item with a new copy, you must first agree the details with the library. This does not apply to films, for which the appropriate costs must always be covered.


Items currently out on loan can be reserved. To reserve items, log in to your account on the library website. The library will notify you by e-mail when the material is available for collection. This service is free.

Borrowing by other institutions

Library cards valid for 12 months are available to individuals on behalf of institutions. You must have your employer’s permission. A form for this purpose is available from the library or from the library’s website.
The card will be issued to a named individual on presentation of passport, driver’s licence or ID card. This individual will act as the contact person throughout the 12-month period. The institution concerned may change the contact person by submitting a new application form.
Institutions are not fined for overdue material. However, after three reminder letters, they lose the right to borrow from the library. They can regain the right to borrow by returning or replacing the item as per the library’s rules for lost or damaged items.

updated 15.6.2015


Are you interested in what Nordic Culture Point has to offer? The library welcomes groups of children and young people. The visit usually consists of a presentation about Nordic Culture Point and what we do, followed by a tour of the library.
Contact the Library personnel for more information.