Norden 0-30 supports 12 projects


The third round of applications for Norden 0-30 is now closed. The round gathered a total amount of 41 applications for €1,381,005. The expert group decided to grant support for 12 projects for €367,227. The individual aid amounts ranged from €8,093 to €50,000. 

Compared to the two other rounds this year, there were significantly more applications and for larger amounts of support. The expert group was pleased to note the increase in applications and first-time applicants, as well as an increase in projects led by the young people themselves.

Some examples of supported projects are:

Mångfaldsfest by Nordic Youth Associations

“Mångfaldsfest” contributes to peaceful coexistence in the diverse Nordic region. It is a youth-led project consisting of a study, a course, a seminar and a workshop around the Nordics during the year 2023.

Look at the music by Art Across

A collective of young Deaf and hearing artists from Iceland, the Faroe Islands and Denmark will tour Nordic countries to present innovative musical concepts, inclusive of all regardless of their hearing status, and lead workshop to empower local deaf communities to participate in their creation.

NAMPYF – Nordic Arts, Music and Performance Youth Festival by Arctic Caucus

Sandnes Kulturskole (NO), Tóngtarskólinn (IS), Kulturskolen Syddjurs (DK) and Serravik Kulturskole (GL) are planning together a workshop festival week 7, 2024. Here 80-100 students and 10 teachers meet for a week in Sisimiut to participate in workshops in music, song, dance, visual arts and film production.

The next application round for the Nordics 0-30 is from 09.01.2023 – 09.02.2023.

Feel free to contact our advisors if you have thoughts and concerns about an application.

All projects that have been granted support can be found HERE.