Nine projects were granted funding from Norden 0–30

Photo: Jack Hancock, chairman for the expert group Norden 0-30

A Greenlandic film, a Sami youth project and a convention for deaf associations throughout the Nordic Region were among the projects that received funding in the second round of funding for the year from the Norden 0–30 programme. “The diversity of the projects granted funding was huge,” stated the chair of the meeting, Jack Hancock.

The application round attracted 33 applications for a total requested amount of EUR 1,159,723. The budgeted distribution sum of EUR 234,548 was distributed among nine projects, which corresponded to 16 percent of the applications. The individual funding amounts ranged from EUR 5,000 to EUR 50,000.  

“The applications were distributed over the entire spectrum of the programme, which invites applications for socially engaging projects, culture and politics. Many projects were equally good, and the Nordic dimension of the project was, in some cases, decisive for which of them received funding,” says Jack.  

Young people’s co-creation requires supporting structures 

Hancock thinks that, in general, the applications did well in fulfilling the programme’s application criteria such as young people’s co-creation, sustainability, and Nordic co-operation. However, he reminds future applicants that projects must build in the necessary supporting structures where knowledge-sharing and learning can transcend generational boundaries.  

“The inclusive perspective can also go too much in the other direction, in that allowing young people to govern everything doesn’t necessarily yield the best results. For instance, in terms of the climate issue, young people haven’t even had half the time that adults have had to learn what’s required in these situations,” says Jack.  

“My personal opinion is that it’s crucial for children or young people to be the creative force, but that we can’t expect them to come up with the organisation and all the initiatives. Funding and assistance are needed, and once confidence is built up and there’s a platform to stand on, then young people’s voice can travel far,” he adds.  

Three rounds of applications per year 

Due to the large number of applications, individual responses to applicants sadly cannot be provided. However, you’re welcome to contact Nordic Culture Point’s funding advisor when preparing your application. For more information on the programme criteria, visit the page about Norden 0–30. 

Norden 0–30 has three rounds of applications per year. The next round opens on 6 September 2023, with an application deadline of 6 October 2023 at 15:59 Finnish time.  

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