New adviser in the grants team

Geir Lindahl står framför Nordisk kulturkontakts kontorsbyggnad på Sveaborg.

Geir Lindahl, from Norway, starts as new senior advisor in the grants team at Nordic Culture Point. Geir has a background in music and performing arts and has previously worked as a producer, booking agent, project manager and general manager for a record label. In his most recent position as an advisor at Performing Arts Hub Norway in Oslo, he managed small and large industry initiatives and worked on strengthening the producer environment by offering support programs, competence building, facilitation of networking arenas and consulting.

The relocation went to Helsinki in August, and Geir is now an senior advisor especially for the  Mobility funding which is a part of the Nordic-Baltic Mobility Program for Culture. The program focuses on increasing the exchange of knowledge and contacts between the countries as well as increasing an interest in Nordic and Baltic art and culture.

“I’m excited to start working with Mobility Funding as I think regional contacts in the Nordic and Baltic countries are essential also in the post-Covid era. Covid has changed many things within the arts and culture field but it has not changed the need for professionals to meet and get inspired by others. I have previously worked with performing arts and in my opinion, international contacts and networks make up an ecosystem that depends on all stems being healthy. International contacts feed the artists and companies;  international collaborations are essential to keeping the local infrastructures alive back home” says Geir Lindahl.

“We need to remember that we are all part of a greater international community. Sustainable travel and sustainable residencies are the future, we just need to get those electric planes in the air. My slogan: arts need to travel more!”