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Nordic Contacts

Nordic houses, institutes and information offices are valuable contact points for anyone intrested in Nordic culture. There are libraries, concerts, seminars and many other intreseting issues available.


The network is also a resource for spreading information on the culture programmes. Nordic Culture Point cooperates with the Nordic Houses in Iceland and Faroe Islands, the Nordic Insitutes in Greenland and Åland island, as well as with the Nordic Council of Ministers information offices in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. All these organisations have nominated a contact person who can advice on the culture programmes in the respective local language.


Residents in Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden can contact Nordic Culture Point for more information of the culture programmes.

Artist Residencies

The module Support for Artist Residencies provides funding for residency centres. That means that the individual applicants should send their applications directly to the residencies. It is not possible to apply for a stay at a residency through the Nordic Culture Point.

The target group is professional artists and cultural operators living in another Nordic or Baltic country than the country where the residency centre is based in.

nordic contacts

Arctic Culture Lab
The Arctic Culture Lab is the northernmost Artist in residence center on the European mainland and reacts on the international vibrancy of the North and unites artists, curators, cross border specialists, geopolitical experts, as well as producers. Arctic Culture Lab strives for a multidisciplinary platform for the increasing artistic interest in the North. Funding: 2016
Ars Bioarctica Residency Program
Ars Bioarctica residency has an emphasis on the Arctic environment and art and science collaboration. It is is open for artists, scientists and art&science research teams. It is organised by Bioartsociety together with the Kilpisjärvi Biological Station of the University of Helsinki. Funding: 2016-2018
Art Lab Gnesta
Art Lab Gnesta is a place for creating, debating and experimenting with connections between art and society. We are interested in the relationships between art, the local community, schools, art institutions and others involved in the arts or social issues – locally, nationally and internationally. Funding: 2015-2017.
Arts Printing House / Menu spaustuve
Arts Printing House, incubator of independent performing arts in Vilnius, has been accumulating various activities into one and enables them to grow and share the artistic visions and ideas with the audiences. APH functions also as residency for independent local and international artists. Funding: 2013-2014.
Atelier Hotel Pro Forma
Atelier Hotel Pro Forma is an international art lab and a physical space where young and upcoming artists can develop and show works created across art forms such as video, sound, architecture, light, text and performance art. Funding: 2012-2013, 2015-2016.
Baltic Art Center
AIR_BALTIC is planned as a residency program for interdisciplinary artist groups/collaboratives from the Nordic-Baltic region. AIR_BALTIC will support practices that can make use of the specific geographical and historical context of Gotland. Funding: 2007-2009, 2010-2011, 2015-2017.