Network funding granted to short-term and long-term networks

Independent Community Radio Network (ICRN) that received Short-term networking funding for continuation of their previous activities connects like-minded radios in the Baltic-Nordic region. Photo: Ieva Černaiuskaitė

Network funding has now been distributed to new projects. Nordic Culture Point received a total of 99 applications, of which 38 were for the long-term network funding and 61 for the short-term network funding. A total amount of 505 600 € was granted to four long-term projects and nine short-term projects. Overall, the Expert Group was pleased to see a great variety of different kinds of applications and the granted projects represent a good spread of different culture fields.

There were especially two short-term network projects that the Expert group wanted to highlight as interesting projects: Independent Community Radio Network (ICRN) and Peer up North Camp (PUNC).

Independent Community Radio Network connects like-minded radios in the Baltic-Nordic region (Palanga Street Radio, Tirkultura, IDA Radio, The Lake Radio) for joint professional development and knowledge building activity with the goal of establishing sustainable futures for our field. The radios in the network focus on the creation of community-produced content by professional and amateur artists alike and share the value of maintaining independence to foster a non-competitive creative environment for the production and dissemination of culture, locally and online.

PUNC is a music creation network and a music event, bringing together fxmale (= women, non-binary, and other gender minorities) writers and producers from Sweden, Denmark and Iceland for music business networking, meetings and talks. The vision is to start collaborations between fxmale writers and producers from the Nordic countries, strengthening networks and representation.

See all granted projects here.

Network funding enables periods for cooperation, exchange of ideas and knowledge between professional artists and cultural workers in the Nordic region and/or the Baltic countries. The funding is a part of The Nordic-Baltic Mobility Programme for Culture, which strengthens artistic and cultural cooperation in the Nordic region and the Baltic states.

The next application round for the short-term network funding opens in August 2023. Long-term network funding has only one application round per year and the next round will be arranged in the spring 2024.