Mia Smeds new communications advisor for Nordic Region in Focus, Finland

Mia Smeds has been hired as the new senior communications advisor for Nordic Region in Focus, Finland. She started her job in January.

Mia has twenty years of experience in journalism and communication, the last six of which she has worked with Nordic co-operation, including as head of communications for the Nordic Council of Ministers’ institute for research and innovation, NordForsk, in Oslo, and as a communicator for the European Institute of Innovation, an organisation under the European Commission.

She has previously served as a communications specialist for Nordic Innovation, Nordic Energy Research, the JustEd Nordic centre of excellence at the University of Helsinki, and Folkhälsan.

Finland’s presidency programme for the Nordic Council of Ministers in 2021 sets out its vision for Nordic co-operation, which states that the Nordic Region shall be the most integrated and sustainable region in the world. In order to support and make Nordic co-operation more visible, as project manager for Nordic Region in Focus, Finland, Mia will work with a variety of stakeholders from across the country. Do you want to be involved? Please contact mia.smeds@nordiskkulturkontakt.org.

Nordic Region in Focus is an office of the Nordic Council of Ministers that gives national debates a Nordic angle. The offices of Nordic Region in Focus organise seminars and exhibitions on current topics such as politics, the environment, business, and culture. The main target groups are senior officials, politicians, journalists, and interest organisations.