Live Thursday: Meet young Nordic cultural practitioners

Smiling young man in a brightly coloured shirt playing the keyboard in a band.

If the range of culture available to you at home via a screen is starting to feel a bit humdrum, come and be inspired by young Nordic cultural practitioners who are challenging the status quo. We’ll be interviewing them live on Instagram, and you can join the discussion by asking your questions directly in the chat.

We need your help to find new rising stars to interview as part of our Live Thursday campaign. Do you know any young Nordic cultural practitioners who persevere when they encounter resistance and find new ways to reach their audience? Maybe you know an artist with uncontrollable creativity? Or perhaps you’ve discovered a new band that you’d like to be put in our virtual spotlight? Let us know about people who you think deserve more attention, or who you want to know more about. Get on Instagram by 5 April and tag and encourage those who you want to get involved. You’ll then be entered into a draw to win this spring’s first Nordic book package.

Live Thursday will be broadcast live every Thursday evening from 18:00 Finnish time, starting on 8 April. The interviews will be saved as highlights on our Instagram account and so will be available even after they are broadcast. Join us for your chance to take part in the discussions and ask any burning questions you may have. The plan is for Live Thursday to continue until June 2021, but this depends on how many suggestions we receive and that work out.

The aim of our Live Thursday campaign is to encourage curiosity in Nordic culture. There’s a lot to discover if we lift our gaze and look outside of our comfort zone. In addition to raising awareness of young cultural practitioners in various channels, Nordic Culture Point also provides funding for various culture projects. Norden 0-30 and Volt are two funding programmes aimed at children and young people. Check out which projects have received funding and read more about how you can apply for funding. We hope that Live Thursday will inspire active cultural practitioners to find exciting new projects in the Nordic Region.

We look forward to seeing you for the premiere of Live Thursday at 18:00 Finnish time on 8 April!