KOBB – The Nordic Co-housing and Co-building Network

Photo: KOBB

The new expanded Demos programme now offers funding for educational co-operation, music, and language comprehension. The three new Demos modules are Demos Education, Demos Culture and Demos Network.

The Demos grant programme makes it possible for Nordic civil society organisations to meet and network. One of the granted projects from 2022 is KOBB – The Nordic Co-housing and Co-building Network.

Foto: KOBB

The network KOBB consists the five organizations Foreningen for byggfellesskap, Ryhmärakennuttajat ry., Kollektivhus NU, Föreningen för Byggemenskaper and Bofællesskab.dk, which are working for co-housing and co-building in the nordic countries.

The Demos grant was used to meet, learn together and plan their future network activities. In Copenhagen and Roskilde they learned about co-housing and strategies from state, municipalities and a philantropic fund. In Trondheim and Stokkøya they learned about the power of initiative and in Gothenburg they presented the different nordic current states for the conference Socialt byggande.

Foto: KOBB

The network’s next adventure will be training “project pilots” to assist co-building and co-housing groups in the implementation of their projects.

KOBB received funding from the previous Demos 2022-2023 Programme.

Find out more about the Demos modules and application deadlines for 2024 in this link!