Support for Artist Residencies

Support for Artist Residencies

Funding for Artist Recidencies is part of the Nordic-Baltic Mobility Programme for Culture. The overall objective of the programme is to enhance cultural and artistic collaboration in the Nordic and Baltic countries by supporting traveling, networking and residential activities.

The idea behind this support is that residencies in the Nordic-Baltic region are able to receive professional artists and other cultural stakeholders from other Nordic and Baltic countries. The centres must be able to offer artists appropriate conditions for concentrated work, arrange meetings with other artists and facilitate contact with the arts and culture scene in the geographical area around the centre.

Who can apply?

Applications are welcome from residency organisations as well as organisations, institutions and groups working on new residency initiatives in the field of the arts and culture.

Funding is available for all areas of arts and culture.

The centre specified in the application must be in the Nordic countries (Denmark, Finland, the Faroe Islands, Greenland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Åland) or the Baltic states (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania).

Individual artists and other stakeholders are not eligible to apply.

What activities are funded?

The support makes it possible for centres to welcome artists from other Nordic and/or Baltic countries. The money covers travel, subsistence and other expenses directly related to the artist.

For an example on how to make a budget for the Support for Artist Residencies, please see here.

The centres select the artists based on their own criteria. They may be individual artists or small groups.

Time frame and financing for support for artist residencies

Each awarded residency centre will receive support for costs connected to Nordic or Baltic artists’ working period at the residency centre. The application should include no less than two artists. The length of the residency period of each artist is not fixed, but the Nordic-Baltic Mobility Programme encourages longer working periods of approximately 2-4 months.

The maximum amount of support that can be granted with one application is 50 000 euro. In addition to the travel costs, subsistence and other expenses directly related to the artist, the budget can include maximum 10% of administration costs.

The residencies are offered an opportunity to attend a meeting to exchange experiences and to discuss questions related to the development of residencies. The meeting is arranged every other year.

The application round for Support for Artist Residencies is once a year.


There are no quotas for the allocation of grants to specific countries/areas or fields of art/culture.

Assessment criteria

  • the residency centre manages the residency activities for artistic professionals on a regular basis
  • the residency centre is part of the contemporary artistic and cultural scene
  • the residency centre has the capacity to offer support for the work processes of the residents with scholarships
  • the residency centre has the capacity to work with several artists at the same time and documented partnerships with the local art scene
  • the residency centre has the ambition to create contacts in the Nordic-Baltic Region and with international professionals and practitioners in the field of art and culture

Application deadlines

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