Interactive overview

Visualisation of travels in the Nordic and Baltic region

These three interactive visualisations illustrate in various ways the movements of Nordic and Baltic artists and cultural operators after being granted Mobility Funding (travel grants) from the Nordic-Baltic Mobility Programme for Culture.

Move the cursor around and familiarise yourself with the amount of travels, origins, destinations and cultural relations across the countries and areas. You can play with the visualisations to get a more graphic sense of the geographical and transnational outcomes of the many travels, which have led to new networks, exchange of ideas, innovation, exhibitions, etc. The visualisations are based on all granted Mobility Funding applications from 2009 til today.


Time map for Culture and Art Programme

In this time map visualization, you can graphically acquaint yourself with all the projects that have been granted from 2013 and forth from the Culture and Art Programme’s two grant forms: Production-based Activities and Capacity Development.

The visualization has a double purpose. Firstly, the time map shows the details and duration of each of the granted projects. This way you can also see which projects are happening right now. Secondly, it gives you an overview of which – and of how many – countries are involved in the supported projects. The time map is interactive so play with it!


Koponen + Hildén has designed and programmed all the visualisations.