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Frequently asked questions about Volt grant programme

What constitutes co-financing?
Besides other grants, co-financing constitutes sponsoring and in-kind financing. In-kind financing consists of services or goods as payment instead of cash. For example, non-profit work can be credited in the budget. The budget should include a calculation of working hours and a specification of the associated cost. The working hours and amount should be considered as being reasonable in relation to the project’s implementation.

What is expected from a budget?
The general rule for the budget is that income and expenses should be balanced. In addition, all expenses stated in the budget should be necessary for the project’s implementation. All amounts should be specified in EUR. For an example of how to make a detailed budgetary annex, please see here.

Here you can see an example of a typical budget. (Opens as Excel file)

Do all my Nordic partners need to be finalised when I apply for a grant?
Great importance is attached to the project’s Nordic dimension when the experts process the applications. If all your partners are not finalised when you apply, it is important that you describe who will be involved and how.

How is Nordic participation defined?
In order to constitute a Nordic participant or partner, you only need to be a resident of/domiciled in a Nordic country, on the Faroe Islands, in Greenland or on the Åland Islands.

What is the most important start date of the project?
Volt does not support projects which have already started in a financially binding manner. Project activities may start at the earliest after a decision on the application has been made and notified to the applicant, approx. 10 weeks after the deadline. The exact earliest start date can be seen in the application form.

What are the difference between the Nordic Committee for Children and Young People, NORDBUK, and Volt?
NORDBUK is primarily a support for actors who are involved with children and young people below the age of 30, in order to promote the political, social and cultural issues which children/young people consider to be important. Volt supports all actors within the cultural and educational sector, who have experience of activities with or by children and young people below the age of 25, in order to increase their joint creativity in culture and language. The website states additional criteria.

Is your question unanswered?
The advisers at Nordic Culture Point will be happy to answer your questions. Please feel free to contact the programme advisers at Nordic Culture Point if you have any questions.