Grants - FAQ - NORDBUK

Frequently asked questions about NORDBUK grant programme

My project consists of several elements. Should I send in an application to each grant programme separately or can I submit only one to be considered by the different programmes? How do I decide on which grant programmes to apply from?
Many larger projects are eligible for more than one grant programme. Read the criteria carefully and decide which ones to apply from. You need to send in an application to each programme separately. If you choose to apply from only one programme, choose the one that your project fits into best. Remember that Nordic Culture Point’s financing can never exceed 85 % of the total budget of the project.

Do all the co-operation partners need to be cleared before sending in the application?
The width of the Nordic Dimension is central when evaluating the applications. If all the partners are not clear, it is important that you clearly describe who is intended to be involved in what and how.

Can I apply for funding for a project that has already begun?
NORDBUK does not support projects that have begun before the application has been processed.

What is a Nordic umbrella organisation?
We consider an organisation with member organisations in at least three of the Nordic countries, Greenland, Faroe Islands and/or Åland Islands as an umbrella organisation.

Does NORDBUK grant programme support recurring events?
NORDBUK does not support the administration of recurring events, but support can be granted to activities that are a part of the recurring events, and that meet the other criteria of the programme.

Can I apply support for a project with profitmaking potential?
No. Projects that aim at making profit cannot be supported by NORDBUK grant programme. If the terms given in the contract are not met, Nordic Culture Point has the right to claim back the whole or part of the grant.

What is in-kind financing?
In-kind financing comprises of services and products that contribute to the project financing instead of cash contribution. Examples of this are voluntary work and other working hours.
In-kind financing can be included in budget to cover own financing of the project. How the in-kind financing has been calculated must be specified and considered as realistic.

Can events with children and youth as target group be supported?
NORDBUK grant programme does not support events, such as concerts or theatre plays, where children and youth are addressed only as public. Children and young people should be involved in every project from planning to, realizing and following up of the project. Furthermore, there should co-operation between children and youth from three of the Nordic countries, Greenland, Faroe Islands and/or Åland Islands.

What is considered as administrative costs?
The programme can grant support for administrative costs and salaries if they are directly connected to the project and are necessary for implementation of the project.