Grants - FAQ - Mobility programme

Frequently asked questions about the Nordic-Baltic Mobility Programme for Culture

Mobility funding

Can I apply for mobility funding for travelling to another locality in my home country?
No. Mobility funding is only granted for staying in another Nordic or Baltic country, not in the country where the applicant lives.

When should I apply for Mobility funding and when for short-term network funding?
You should apply for mobility funding when you as a private person or a small group want to only travel. The traveller’s professional networks should be strengthened through the travel but it is not required that the travel is part of the activities of an established network. The travel may be an initial meeting before establishing a network. You should apply for short-term network funding when you and your project partners wish to establish a more obligating network cooperation through which several meetings and other activities are planned for a longer period of time (up to one year).

When may I begin my trip?
The first possible traveling date is two (2) months after the application deadline. The first possible travel date can be seen in the application form.

I as an individual person have an organization in my name. Can I apply for Mobility funding through my organization?
No. Mobility funding can only be granted to individuals and groups, not organizations. Your user account needs to be registered as individual or group in order for you to be able to apply for/be granted Mobility funding.

The Mobility funding is only granted for a ten-day stay. Can the total length of my trip still be longer?
Yes, the visit may last more than ten days but the Mobility funding can only cover ten days. For the rest of the time you then need to seek financing elsewhere.

Can I change the time of travel if there occurs changes after the application is submitted?
You should always inform of all changes to the original application to the program advisors. Minor changes regarding the time period are usually approved but it is important to inform Nordic Culture Point about the changes before the funding is used. Any requests for changes in your project should be done through the Correspondence funtion in your user account.

Is it possible to change the participants in the group that receives Mobility funding?
No. The funding is only intended for the persons in the application. It is not possible to transfer the funding to another person if someone is not able to take part in the travel.

Short and Long-term Network Funding

When should I apply for short-term network funding and when funding from the Culture and Art Programme?
You should apply for network funding when you under a longer period of time wish to develop new collaborations, exchange best practices and knowledge with other actors within the fields of art and culture. When you plan one seminar, conference or workshop that is also open to a broader public than the partners in a network, you should apply for funding from the Culture and Art Programme. 

Read more about the difference between network funding and project funding.

What does "in kind financing" mean?
An average working time can be estimated into the amount to be covered by the applicant. The estimated working time must be specified in the budget attachment to the application, and the amount must be considered as reasonable for carrying out the project.

If I am applying for long-term network support, should I apply for a total amount for the 3-year term or for the amount I wish to receive annually during the 3-year term?
You should apply for the total amount you need for the 3-year term.

Can I apply for continued funding for my short-term network before concluding the project which I have already received funding for?
No. You have to conclude your first project before you can apply for continued funding. It is not however certain that you will receive a new grant.

What is expected of a budget?
The main principle is that the income and outcome should be in balance. Moreover, should all the outcome stated in the budget be necessary for the implementation of the project. For an example on how to make a detailed budget, please see here.

Support for Artist Residencies

Can I apply for residency support through Nordic Culture Point as an individual?
No. The programme grants support for a fixed term and is solely meant for residency centres already operating in a Nordic or a Baltic country. You can, however, apply for a residency directly from the residency centres. The residencies decide about their own criteria and periods of application and select the artists-in-residence themselves.

Are there still artist residences at Sveaborg/Suomenlinna?
Yes. For further information, please contact HIAP (

Is there are any more detailed requirements for the expenses? Can administrative costs (electricity, internet, salary of the project manager, etc.) be part of the budget?
The Support for Artist Residencies is meant to cover the costs of the artist: travel, accommodation, fee and possible production costs for the artist. The application can include up to 10% administrative costs.

What is the percentage of self-funding (own contribution)?
In that sense the application does not require any amount of self-financing for the main purpose of the application (artists’ costs), but does require that the Residency Centre can cover most other administrative and running costs of the residency center with other own financing.

Should the contracts with the artists be ready before the application date?
It is not required that the artists should be confirmed when the application is submitted. Often the artists are selected afterwards through open calls or similar procedures. It is okay to send you application without knowing which artists are invited to the residency programme.

The maximum support for artist residencies is 30.000 euro. Does this mean that it is the maximum support per year or project period or is it the maximum amount for three years or project periods?
30.000 euros is the highest amount that can be applied with one application. It can either be applied for a shorter or a longer period (max three years). It means that one may choose to apply for support for the longest possible period or to apply for support annually.

If you have additional questions, please contact the program advisors through the Correspondence function in your user account.