Grants - FAQ - General

Frequently asked general questions about the grant programmes

When is the latest time I can submit my application?
At the latest, the application should be submitted through the electronic application system at 15:59 EET on the application deadline. Please be aware that the time in the application system is according to Finnish time (EET). It means that the same time in e.g. Sweden, Denmark and Norway is 14:59. Remember to check what the time is in your time zone. Nordic Culture Point does not accept late applications.

I need to make some changes to my project, what should I do?
If you need to make changes to the budget or the content of the project, should you ask the approval of the advisors at Nordic Culture Point before your make them. Describe the changes and send them via the Correspondence function in your user profile and we will reply as soon as possible.

Is it the nationality or the country of residence that is of importance?
It is the country of residence that matters. For instance if an applicant is a Nordic national but is currently living in Germany is that person not counted as Nordic.

What is expected of a budget?
The main principle is that the income and outcome should be in balance. Moreover, should all the outcome stated in the budget be necessary for the implementation of the project. For an example on how to make a detailed budget, please see here.

How long will it take for the funds to be deposited after I have submitted my report?
The funds are deposited in approximately two weeks from when the report has been approved.

Can I find out before the letters of decision have been sent out whether my project has received funding or not?
No. All the decisions are made by the experts, and the letters of decision are sent simultaneously to all the applicants.

What is the difference between the Nordic Culture Point and the Nordic Culture Fund?
Both institutions grant funding for Nordic culture projects and their programs have very similar goals. They differ however in their organization forms and decision process.
The Nordic Culture Point administers the Nordic Council of Ministers' cultural programs. The funding comes from Nordic Council of Ministers, but the decisions on the grants are made by a group of experts from all the Nordic countries.
The Nordic Culture Fund began its activities in 1967 and is fundamentally defined by an agreement between the Nordic countries. As the Nordic Culture Point it is funded by the Nordic Council of Ministers. A governing board of the Nordic Culture Fund consists of members appointed both by the Nordic Council and the Nordic Council of Ministers. The grant decisions are made by the board based on recommendations by a Nordic expert from a relevant field and the Fund's secretariat.

Can I apply support for my project both from the Nordic Culture Point and the Nordic Culture Fund?
Yes, you can. The general goals and the application criteria are very similar, and it is often possible to apply for the same project from both support systems. It is important to study the assessment criteria carefully in order to judge which programme is most appropriate for your project.
The Nordic Culture Point and the Nordic Culture Fund share information about the applications that have applied for support through both institutions. The amount granted by both institutions is also controlled and it is not possible to get full financing for the project from the Nordic funds. We therefore encourage applicants to apply for funding from other sources as well.

Should you have any additional questions, please contact the program advisors through the Correspondence function in your user account.