Grants - FAQ - Culture Programme

Frequently asked questions about the Culture and Art Programme

How do you define Nordic participation?
In order to be defined as a Nordic participator, one must live in a Nordic country. One must not be a Nordic national, only a resident in a Nordic country.

Must I have all my Nordic collaborating partners ready when I apply for funding?
The Nordic dimension is an important evaluation criteria. It is important that you describe who is going to be involved and how if you don’t have all the partners ready when applying.

Can I receive support for a project that has commercial potential?
You cannot receive support for a project with the purpose of creating an economic advantage for the grant recipient. If the terms of contract are not complied with, Nordic Culture Point can demand that the granted support be refunded in part or in full.

What is meant with in-kind financing?
In-kind financing is paid or given to the project in goods, commodities, or services instead of money. This can be for example volunteer work. In-kind financing can be counted as part of the project financing. The estimated working time must be specified in the application budget. The amount should be reasonable for carrying out the project.

What is expected of a budget?
The main principle is that the income and outcome should be in balance. Moreover, should all the outcome stated in the budget be necessary for the implementation of the project. For an example on how to make a detailed budget, please see here.

Can I apply for funding for a project which has already begun?
The Culture and Art Programme does not grant funding for projects which have already begun and are tied to financial obligations. The project activities can not commence before decisions are made and sent out to the applicant. This is ten weeks after the application deadline.

What is the earliest date when I can start the project activities?
The first possible start date for the project activities to which funding is applied for is ten week after the application deadline. The exact date can be seen in the online application form.

It is stated in the criteria that Nordic Culture Point does not support recurring projects and activities. What about, for example, festivals?
Support is not granted for festivals. Support can be granted for projects and activities that are part of a festival, if they meet with the programme's criteria as to the development and communication dimensions, are innovative, present new interpretations and involve the Northern dimension.

What can be counted as administrative costs?
Funding can be applied for the applicants own administrative costs including for instance salary. It is expected that the costs are directly connected to the project and are necessary for its implementation.