Frequently asked questions

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions regarding our funding programmes. For specific information on the different programmes, please take a look at the individual page for the specific programme.


  • When are the application deadlines?

    Your application must be submitted at the latest by 15:59 Finnish time on the last application date using  the electronic application system. If you live in another time zone, please check the time that applies to you. Nordic Culture Point will not accept late applications.

  • Can we apply to more than one of Nordic Culture Point's funding programmes at once?

    We recommend that all the project’s costs are collated into one application to Nordic Culture Point. For example, all travel costs can be included in the application to the Art and Culture Programme.

  • Can I apply for funding from other Nordic organisations?

    It is possible to apply for funding from other pan-Nordic institutions and organisations for the same project.

    If you are considering applying for funding from several organisations within the umbrella of official Nordic co-operation, the total applied amount from us and other Nordic organisations may not exceed 85% of the budget.

    You can apply for funding via both Nordic Culture Point and the Nordic Culture Fund for the same project. Be careful to target your application at the specific funding you are applying for.

  • Can I find out if my project has been awarded before the grant notification is sent?

    No. All decisions are made by the Expert Groups, and the grant decision or refusal notifications are sent to all applicants at the same time after the Expert decision meeting.

  • How long is funding granted for?

    This can differ slightly from programme to programme. You can usually expect that the maximum duration is the remainder of the year in which you are granted funding plus the two subsequent calendar years unless the programme limits this to a shorter period.

  • Does my nationality or country of residence make a difference to my application?

    It is your current country of residence that will be considered, not your nationality. For example, an applicant who is a Norwegian citizen but who lives in Germany, will not be considered as Nordic. However, a German citizen will be considered as Nordic if they reside in a Nordic country.

  • Do the Faroe Islands, Greenland and Åland count as Nordic in this context?

    Absolutely! In the context of our funding programmes, Greenland, the Faroe Islands and Åland constitute Nordic countries and can initiate or be a part of projects just like the other five Nordic countries.

  • Which languages can I write my application in?

    For  the Culture and Art Programme, the Norden 0–30 Programme and Volt application forms are available in Swedish and English. You can also complete the application in Danish, Norwegian, Finnish, Icelandic, Faeroese or Greenlandic.

    For the Nordic-Baltic Mobility Programme for Culture (Mobility funding, Network funding and Funding for artist residencies) the application forms is available only in English and the application must be submitted in English.

  • When should I apply for Network funding or funding from the Culture and Art Programme?

    You should apply for network funding when you intend to develop new collaborations, and exchange experiences and knowledge with other actors within the fields of art and culture over an extended period of time.

    When you plan a single seminar, conference or workshop that is also open to a broader audience than just the partners in a network, you should apply for funding from the Culture and Art Programme.

  • Why do you ask us applicants about gender equality, sustainability and the inclusion of children and young people?

    These three areas are so-called horizontal perspectives and are part of the strategy of the Nordic Council of Minister’s. They are not formally considered as criteria, but primarily a way for us to measure the inclusion of these perspectives in Nordic and Baltic co-operation projects.

Before applying

  • What is expected from a budget?

    The general rule for the budget is that income and expenses need to be balanced. In addition, all expenses stated in the budget should be necessary in order to implement the project. All amounts must be specified in euro.

    We advise using the budget template that can be found on the programme specific pages. This will help you to make clear the expenses that our funding will be used for. Please note, that your application might be rejected if the budget fails to provide the information asked for.

  • What does in-kind financing mean?

    In-kind financing refers to the value of the goods or services that are included in the project’s funding as if they had a monetary value. This can be voluntary work, for example.

    Calculations of working hours should be specified in the application’s budget and the amount must be deemed reasonable for implementation of the project.

    In-kind income must be balanced with corresponding expenses.

  • Can I apply for funding for a project which has already started?

    No. Nordic Culture Point does not fund projects retroactively. Project activities may start only once a decision on the application has been made and the applicant has been notified. This will take around eight to ten weeks after the deadline. You can see the earliest start date for your project in the application form.

  • What constitutes administrative expenses?

    In certain circumstances the programmes may award funding for the applicant’s administrative and payroll expenses. This requires that the expenses be directly linked to the project and be necessary for the implementation of the project. Administrative expenses should be specified in the budget attachment.

    Funding is not granted for overheads, operating expenses for ordinary operations and recurring events.

  • Do all my Nordic partners need to be finalised when I apply for funding?

    Considerable weight is attached to the project’s Nordic dimension when the experts review the applications. Accordingly, at least the minimum requirement of the geographic distribution of the participants must be included in the application. The collaboration will also be assessed in terms of its relevance for the participants.

  • Can I receive funding for a project which has commercial potential?

    Although the project may have commercial potential, you cannot apply for funding in order to generate a profit. Any profit must be returned following the submission of the final report.

During the project

  • I need to make changes to my project. What should I do?

    If you need to make changes to the project’s budget, schedule or content, you must ask Nordic Culture Point to approve any such changes before you make them. Describe the changes and send them to us using the correspondence function in your user account, and we will respond to your enquiry as soon as we can.

  • How will I receive the grant?

    When you log into your profile, you’ll see the grant under your “current applications”. Click on “Requisition” in order to accept the contract and submit your bank details. Once the Nordic Culture Point has accepted the request, you will receive a notification. The first instalment of the grant will be paid approximately two weeks after approval.

  • Why does Nordic Culture Point require a bank verification letter?

    Nordic Culture Point has introduced from 2021 onwards a bank verification system regarding the payment of grants. We require this documentation to make sure the grant is paid to a correct recipient. The receiver of a grant will have contact their bank to obtain a Bank Verification Letter that is uploaded in pdf format through the application portal when submitting the requisition.

    Bank verification letter should contain following information:

    • The recipient’s name, address, person/organization number and bank account including IBAN and BIC.
    • The bank’s name, address, and person/organization number
    • Contact person at the bank if we need to get in contact with the bank
    • Issuing date
    • The letter must be signed or stamped by the bank.

    The document must be written in English or Scandinavian and it must be submitted as a pdf file when requesting the first instalment to be paid. You can also use the EU-template that you bank should sign and stamp.

    Please note that if you change your bank account you will need to verify the new account with a new bank verification letter.

  • What are the instalments for receiving the funding?

    For amounts up to 30,000 euro, 85 percent of the funding will be paid in the first instalment. Following the approval of the final report, the remaining 15 percent of the funding will be paid.

    For amounts exceeding 30,000 euro, 45 percent of the funding will be paid in the first instalment. Following the approval of the status report, the next 40 percent of the funding will be paid. Following the approval of the final report, the final 15 percent of the funding will be paid.

  • In which stage should I submit a status report?

    When you believe your project has reached its halfway point, you must submit a report on the status of the project. The status report form can be found in the applicant portal.

  • Where can I find the contract?

    When you log into your user account, you will find a blue box next to the grant in question with the text “Requisition”. Click on the box to proceed.

After the project

The application portal

  • I have forgotten my username and password. What should I do?

    You can request a new password or check your username by using the ‘Forgot username/password’ function on the login page.

    You will receive an e-mail with a link to reset your password. If you do not receive the link by e-mail you should first check your spam folder. If you still haven’t received the e-mail, contact

    If you want to change your password later, you can do this in user account.

  • I would like to add a member to my group profile. What should I do?

    The names of all members of a work group must be specified when registering the group in the application portal. Once the profile has been created, you cannot edit the composition of the group. Please contact the advisor who is responsible for the specific grant programme you are applying for.

  • I am logged in, but the programme I want to apply for is not visible. Why?

    When you create a user profile, we ask you to choose whether you want to be registered as a group, organisation or individual. The selection will determine the programmes that you can apply for. You cannot change the applicant type later. If you previously created an individual account, but now want to apply on behalf of an organisation, you will need to create a new account for that project.

    All programmes will open for applications approximately one month before each deadline. Once the application period ends, the application round will no longer be visible in the portal.

  • I am logged into my profile, but I cannot see my application. Why?

    You can create multiple profiles with the same e-mail address, so make sure you’ve logged in with the correct username. An overview of all usernames linked to your e-mail address can be sent to you by clicking on “Forgot username” in the application portal and entering your e-mail address. If this does not work, please contact

  • If my question is not answered here, who should I contact?

    If you have more questions, please feel free to contact our programme advisers using the correspondence function in your user account in the applicant portal. Alternatively, you can find our contact details on our website or by sending an e-mail to

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