Guidelines for applicants

All Nordic Culture Point funding programmes have specific periods during which they accept applications. Web-based application forms go live one month before the deadline for submissions. Nordic Culture Point does not accept any other form of application, e.g. hard copy or e-mail.

Before submitting an application, you must register an user account. You will then be able to log in, fill in the form and submit your application. You do not have to complete the process in one go. You may save your data and resume the process at any time before the deadline.

Each grant programme has its own assessment criteria and rules. Before filling in the form, make sure you know the rules for the programme in question. Most programmes require a separate budget.

Nordic Culture Point will confirm receipt of your application by e-mail. This confirmation and your application will also be saved in your user account.


How to apply for funding?

Choose a funding programme
Check the application deadlines
Set up user and start application
If application succesful accept contract
Submit project report

You must set up a user account to access the online application system:


If you run into any technical problems or are unsure whether a project meets the programme’s criteria, just get in touch:



Examples of application forms

Application forms are not available online until the start of the application period.

Examples of application forms for various funding programmes are shown below (PDF format). It is a good idea to study them and start collecting material for your application in plenty of time.

Application forms must be completed online and submitted via your user account. Nordic Culture Point does not accept any other form of application, e.g. hard copy or e-mail.

Volt [PDF]
NORDBUK Grant Programme [PDF]
Culture and Art Programme [PDF]
Support for Artist Residencies [PDF]
Network Funding: Long-term Network Funding [PDF]
Network Funding: Short-term Network Funding [PDF]
Mobility Funding [PDF]


User ID and password

You can use the same e-mail address for multiple user accounts.

Choose a secure password using upper- and lower-case letters as well as numbers or special characters. Never disclose your password to a third party.

Passwords can only be reset in your user account.

Problems logging in?

Forgotten your password or user ID?

You can reset your password by clicking “Forgot username/password” on the login page. You receive an e-mail with a link to reset your password. If you do not receive an e-mail about resetting your password, please check your spam folder before contacting

Applicant types in user account

When registering a user account, you must choose the type of applicant: individual, group or organisation.

Individual: The applicant is an individual person. If the application is successful, the funding will be paid to this person. This type of applicant cannot apply for funding for projects launched by organisations and is not eligible for the NORDBUK programme.

Group: The applicant consists of a group of individuals who are applying for joint funding. This type of applicant is eligible for Mobility funding and for projects where the applicant is, e.g. a temporary group that does not have an organisation or registration number. Please note, however, that group members are not the same as project partners.

Organisation: The applicant consists of an organisation (institution, association, company, official agency or similar) with an organisation or registration number. This type of applicant is not eligible for Mobility funding.

You cannot change the type of applicant during the process.

Adding group members
All members of the group must be named when registering the project. You may change the group members until you start filling in an application. After you've started to fill in an application, it is not possible to change the group members. 
You will need to enable JavaScript to complete the form for adding members.

Applications from groups or organisations must specify a named contact. Nordic Culture Point will communicate with this person on all matters of administration. The contact is responsible for all budgets and other financial matters, supplying information to Nordic Culture Point about any changes to the application, approving and signing the contract with Nordic Culture Point and reporting back.

Filling in an application

An applicant may only submit one application per funding programme per call for applications.

You may go back and change your application at any time before you submit it.

The application forms are only in Swedish and English but you may use Danish, Finnish, Faroese, Greenlandic, Icelandic, Norwegian, Swedish or English to fill them in.

Currency and numbers
All amounts and budgets must be in euros. Do not use spaces, points or commas, only strings of numbers, e.g. “1000”. In the budget section, enter “0” in fields that do not apply to your project.

Funding decisions are primarily based on the information provided in the application, as well as any compulsory budget criteria. As a result, all important information about the project must be entered here and not in any other form of appendix.

Nordic Culture Point requires a PDF format for budget and text appendices.

Many of the funding programmes require that you attach a detailed project budget to the application, specifying income and expenditure in euros. You can find a model of how a budget can be structured here.

Decision process


Nordic Culture Point processes all applications and is responsible for all contact with applicants but the actual funding decisions are taken by groups of external experts. The only exception is NORDBUK – Nordic Culture Point’s programme advisor and director process the applications and NORDBUK makes the decisions.

The programme advisors check that applications meet the basic criteria, e.g. number of Nordic participants, and that the budget is realistic, before forwarding them to the appropriate expert groups.

Several experts read each application and decide whether it meets the criteria for the programme. There are no quotas for number of projects per country, per genre, etc. The decision is based solely on the quality of the project in relation to the criteria.

The experts are all professionals active in their field of art or culture and residents of the Nordic Region. The experts for the network, mobility and residence funding programmes also include representatives of the Baltic states.

Experts are nominated by the ministry of culture or similar in their country/territory and appointed by the Nordic Council of Ministers. The expert groups must possess a sufficient range of competencies to assess applications from all fields of the arts and culture. Members of the expert groups are appointed for a period of three years.

All applications are processed objectively and impartially. If a conflict of interest arises, the expert concerned must not be involved in the assessment of the application and this must be stated in the minutes and/or the decision about the application.

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