Gitte Wille from Denmark to be new director of Nordic Culture Point

Portrait of Gitte Wille

Picture: Region Skånes kulturförvaltning

Gitte Wille from Denmark will be the new director of Nordic Culture Point. Gitte joins Nordic Culture Point from Region Skåne where she was director of cultural affairs.

She will take up her new job in Helsinki before the end of the year. She will succeed Ola Kellgren, who resigned in September after seven years in the role.

Nordic Culture Point is an institution of the Nordic Council of Ministers that works to strengthen Nordic co-operation within the area of culture and to increase awareness of Nordic culture in Finland.

In Gitte, Nordic Culture Point will get an experienced director with a broad background in cultural policy. In her professional life, she’s worked within the fields of culture, tourism and business, and she has worked with central authorities, cultural institutions and associations, both in the Nordic Region and internationally.

Gitte says that she is looking forward to her new role immensely. She highlights how Nordic co-operation helps to strengthen democracy and says that she is convinced of the importance of culture for society.

“I’ve seen what art and culture do for us as people. My view is that culture has the power to build communities, it is important for people’s quality of life and mental health, and therefore it is fundamental for the creativity and innovative power we have in the Nordic Region. I look forward to helping ensure that Nordic co-operation on culture remains firmly on the agenda in Finland and around the world,” says Gitte.

Jonas Wendel, acting Secretary General of the Nordic Council of Ministers, is pleased with the appointment.

“We’re very pleased to have Gitte as the new director of Nordic Culture Point. She has broad Nordic experience and is the right person to assist with Nordic Culture Point’s strategy, which focuses on education, diversity and accessibility, and which will help lead us towards the Nordic Council of Ministers’ Vision 2030,” says Wendel.

Gitte has a four-year contract, with the possibility of a four-year extension.