VISIT A VOLCANO – Creative Family Workshop


What would you do if you stumbled upon a volcano? Watch in awe? Fry a few sausages? Take a selfie? Hide a treasure? Sharpen your pencils; this is the time to let your wildest and most dangerous dreams come true. Author and illustrator Rán Flygenring shares her story about the latest volcanic eruption in Iceland before inviting all participants to visit her large paper volcano.

Rán Flygenring was born in Norway and raised in Iceland. She currently lives in Reykjavík, where she works as an artist, author, and illustrator. Her projects often revolve around nature and our connection with the natural elements, such as birds, whales, volcanoes, flies, and elves. She also live-draws festivals and conferences, studies philosophy, paints murals, and hosts workshops of all kinds.


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