STREAM: Revolution Now! A discussion on art, activism, and collective creation

People holding a very large purple and black banner

During the autumn, we’re presenting Nordic artists who work with art and activism. Through their art, they touch on fundamental constitutional issues. At the end of this series, moderator Kasper Strömman will bring the artists together for a joint conversation and summary, where they will exchange experiences and discuss the role of art and artists in the development of society.

Through NORDTING, Amund Sjølie Sveen (Norway) has created a far-reaching art platform for intervention and reflection in the North. NORDTING is a mobile people’s assembly which invites the public, from Vardø to Alaska, to regularly participate in the council, called the Ting. Local participants, including bands, choirs, chairpeople, punk bands, cheerleaders, indigenous peoples, musicians, and dancers, are invited to address local issues. NORDTING can be seen as a nomadic people’s assembly for the North and a celebration of the periphery! Or is it a separatist movement for the Arctic colony?

Artists Libia Castro (Spain) and Ólafur Ólafsson (Iceland) have worked with composers, musicians, associations, activists, and citizens to create a diverse musical and artistic performance to focus on an Icelandic constitutional proposal from 2011 and all of its 114 articles. The historic backdrop was a proposal made in 2008, at the request of the inhabitants as a result of the political and economic crisis in Iceland. In the referendum in 2012, the bill received broad support, but then the process stopped.

The event is part of the Revolution Now! series.

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