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About the film

In the documentary film Pushwagner (Norway, 2011), directors Even G Benestad and August B Hanssen follow the eccentric artist Terje Brofos/Hariton Pushwagner over three years.

Pushwagner, who died in 2018, was ultimately able to enjoy recognition for his original expression, having exhibitions at the world’s most important art venues in London, Berlin, and New York. Earlier in his life, however, he risked losing everything.

It is common knowledge that he was intoxicated for long periods of his life. In the late 90s, he was drowning in debt and had no permanent residence. By 1998, this led to him transferring the management rights to his art to his then collaborator Morten Dreyer. Pushwagner later resumed the fight for his own work and went to court to regain ownership of his art.

The film is a portrait of a controversial artist, but it also raises important and interesting questions about the portrait genre while also trying to break with it. Did the directors manage to get behind the mask of this controlling artist? Or was it only his deliberate mask-play that they came closest to?


Language: Norwegian
Text: English
Duration: 70 minutes
Age restriction: 7

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