(Registration needed) Online Film: Kampen om Grønland (The Fight for Greenland, DK 2020)

The four main characters of the film "The battle for Greenland" against a Greenlandic landscape in the background.

The Fight for Greenland (DK 2020) offers a unique insight into the heated debate about independency, language, and identity, that rages in modern-day Greenland.

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What does the future hold for Greenland? Should Greenland become a sovereign state or on the contrary strengthen its ties to Denmark? The film follows four strong-willed and dynamic young Greenlanders that disagree on which direction their country should follow, but all are fighting for a better Greenland. The film is directed by Kenneth Sorento, an experienced documentary-maker from various projects in the Arctic. In addition to directing, Sorento is responsible for camera and sound as well.

20-year old rapper, Josef Tarrak, has already made a name for himself as the most important voice of his generation. At the age of 16, he had his breakthrough with the smash hit, Tupilak, that was the first song to express the widespread frustration about the dominance of the Danish language in Greenland.

Paninnguaq Heilmann is a well-known activist in Greenland. The 30-year old woman is fighting to make Greenland more Greenlandic by reviving parts of the Greenlandic culture otherwise suppressed by the Danification.

Kaaleeraq M. Andersen is one of the most significant young independence activists in Greenland and is only 25 years old, when in March 2018 he runs in the election for the Greenlandic Parliament.

Tillie Martinussen is a 39-year old Danish-speaking Greenlander that forms a new political party which is the only Greenlandic party in favor of increased cooperation within the Unity of the Realm. To most of her fellow citizens this is extremely provocative and Tillie’s party is met by a lot of opposition during the election campaign.

Language: Greenlandic/Danish, with English subtitles

Length: 95 min

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