Online film: Into the Ice (DK, 2022)

A man is rappelling into a glacier

Premiering in Finland at the World Village Festival, Into the Ice follows director Lars Henrik Ostenfeld on his travels with three pioneering glaciologists, Alun Hubbard, Dorthe Dahl-Jensen and Jason Box, on their expeditions into the inland ice of Greenland. The visually stunning documentary shows Ostenfeld and Hubbard descend 180 metres into the ice to find out how much meltwater there is in the glacier and to better understand the consequences of climate change.

The film tells us about the deep secrets of the future hidden within the ice sheet in Greenland. The melting of polar ice caps may result in an enormous rise in sea levels and have major consequences for the world. Into the Ice world-premiered this spring at the Copenhagen International Documentary Film Festival CPH:DOX.

Denmark, Germany, 2022 
Lars Henrik Ostenfeld
Production Company: Hansen & Pedersen, Kloos & Co. NORD
Language: Danish, English  
Subtitles: English
Age recommendation: 12
Length: 85 min 

The film is part of the World Village Festival (LINK FESTIVAL) in Helsinki, and the film will be available at the Online Cinema from 10.00 Monday 23 May to 23.00 Sunday 29 May 2022. The link to the Online Cinema will be published on the World Village Festival website at 10.00 on Monday 23 May. Please note that access to viewing will only be provided until 500 people have watched the film. The film can only be viewed in Finland, which is why a separate sign-in is required for copyright reasons.


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