Northern lights and beautiful landscapes – Dennis Lehtonen’s experiences from Greenland


Picture: Dennis Lehtonen

“For ten months, a Finnish aurora enthusiast travelled to the small islands of Greenland to pursue his hobby and to get acquainted with the local culture. He learned about and experienced life in villages where there were no nurses or doctors, only a priest.”

This is how astronomy enthusiast Dennis Lehtonen describes his trip to Greenland, during which he worked in fish factories in three locations on three different islands: Maniitsoq, Qeqertaq, and Uummannaq. He travelled to Greenland through Nordjobb and returned to Finland a few months ago. In this event, he will present and discuss his experiences from his time spent in Greenland.

The event will be held in Finnish, but discussion is also possible in Swedish and English.

The event is organised in cooperation with UPPIK – the Finland-Greenland Association and Nordic Culture Point.


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