Nordic Christmas market

Welcome to this year’s Christmas market!

At Nordic Culture Point’s Christmas market, you can find many great bargains for your Christmas shopping! You can buy traditional handicraft items, taste Nordic locally produced delicacies, drink mulled wine at the Swedish Guild and go to a Christmas café where you can find Danish open sandwiches.


During the day, Pentti Hildén will perform songs by Carl Michael Bellman in a typical 18th century style. He sings and plays the lute, and uses short stories to lead his audience into the music and the era.  He will perform at 12.00 and 14.00.

Stories by Kerstin Persson: Henkka and Mina’s Christmas in Ostrobothnia in 1886 at 12.45.

Fairy tale in Danish – Circelina’s Christmas at 13.00.

Stories about the 13 Icelandic christmas elves (jólasveinar) at 13.30.

The Nordic Library is also open between 10:00 and 15:00.

Different payment options are available, so feel free to bring cash as well. There is an ATM in the metro tunnel right next to Kaisaniemenkatu 9.

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