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NORDIC CULTURE CLUB goes FESTIVAL for the first time ever, and you’re invited! Welcome to the beautiful Suomenlinna Island to explore innovative, interactive and multidiciplinary performances by artists from all over the Nordics and Baltics. As always, the event is free to attend and refreshments are on offer.

See the AMAZING festival programme here:

(Times are approximate and may change, some performances will overlap. All performances are held at Nordic Culture Point, Suomenlinna B28, unless stated otherwise.)


17:55 at Suomenlinna Main Dock – Alternative Landscapes (NO) is a playful piece by Norwegian artists Marit Meløe and Anders Engebretsen. The two dancers poetically imagine their bodies as a moving construction, relating to surroundings in inquisitive and charming ways. Audiences are invited on a journey of fleeting moments with stillness and movement, to rediscover public spaces as moving landscapes. 

We recommend taking the 17:40 ferry to see the performance, it starts at Suomenlinna Main Dock and ends at Suomenlinna B28.

18:30Traces we leave. Traces of us. (SWE/DK) Is a playful, interactive, movement and drawing based performance. What traces do we leave? In each other, on earth? The eco of our movement, of us. Miriam Röstlinger Goldkuhl is a Swedish interdisciplinary artist based in Copenhagen. She works with theatre and visual arts and holds a BFA in Conceptual Performing Arts from Malmö Theatre academy. 

19:15 SOFT (NO) is a performance piece composed by young composer and digital artist Tobi Pfeil. ~ SOFT ~ examines notions of otherness, imagination, fantasy and love in an operatic, augmented reality-like setting. Set in a bizarre greenscreen film shoot juxtaposed with a 3D-animated computer game universe, two characters struggle to find meaning in their artificial world.

20:30 POPSHOTS (NO/GR) is a performance by Lykourgos Porfyris, a visual artist and disability/queer activist from Athens, Greece. Popshots started as a sound performance but developed into a mini album. The performance consists of 15 songs, less than a minute each and the prologue of each song is bigger than the actual song. The track list celebrates disability, bisexual confusion, and queer negativity.

21:15 AHVA (FI) is a duo of Helsinki-based multi-instrumentalist Tuomas Ahva and instrument builder Petteri Mäkiniemi. Tuomas plays synths, samplers and drums, and also sings. Petteri plays Ginette, an electronic instrument designed by himself. In addition, visual artist Viljami Nissi projects surreal visuals on top of live music. Ahva ties together experimental electronic music and modern psychedelic pop.

22:30 at Linna Bar VASSVIK (NO/FI/SAPMI) is a joyful encounter between strong performers where the past mixes with the future. The concert moves the listener to a state where images arise. Avantgarde Saami music meets the postmodern audience and draws them into an unknown world, and the body remembers and recognizes.


16:30What Fires Together Wires Together (DK) asks the question “Is identity a deep-rooted essence in every human being or is it possible to reprogramme your self-perception?” The performance experiments in the intersection between movement and science with inspiration from the theory with the same name by Donald Hebb from 1949. It is written and produced by Astrid Sten Andersen, who performs it together with Sofia Lykke Meile. Music: Anton Hvidtjørn, vocals: Sidsel Sten Andersen. 

17:50 –I want you to draw me like one of your French girls” (FI) is a performance by maker and mover Jérémy Gaudibert that blurs the lines between croquis and cabaret, between gender representations, between the roles of muse and artist. Jérémy is a part of the European Punking-Whacking & Ballroom scenes and a member of Iconic House of Ninja. In their solo work, they explore frictions and possible meeting points between dance and design practices. 

18:30Gisle Nataas (NO) is an architect and sound artist who works with field recordings from architecture, as live performances, and sound installations. Field recordings are mixed, processed and transformed into new musical and spatial experiences. In the project “The sound of architecture“, Nataas conveys important architectural works through their sound.

19:15TRANSFORMAN (LT) is an expanded urban dance performance by artist, choreographer and dancer Marius Eidrigevičius. The piece highlights relationships, self-isolation and normative masculinity, and depicts the journey of a modern man from the old to the new world. It is not only the self-realisation of the performer, but also a self-therapy during the creative process and an invitation for others to turn to themselves. The work is part of the Vilnius 700 programme.

20:15VELVET ASS (FI/JP) is an archipelago band of three artists Marika Maijala, Petra Vehviläinen and Aoi Yoshizawa. They work at Harakka Artist House on a small island in Helsinki and are also Suomenlinna residents. Their lo-fi experimental pop songs are based on the punk attitude of rowing and sailing through strong winds of the Helsinki islands and carrying random stuff in their IKEA bags. 

21:15The Lambiec Show (DK) Welcome to a talk show that takes place inside the stomach of a snake! Lambiec is an art-project by Sylvester Bache focusing on Experimental electronic music, comic books, and animation. In this performance, the crowd becomes a live studio audience, and some are even invited onto the stage as the talk show’s first official guests. You can expect experimental techno music, cut-up poetry, cryptic questions, zines, animation and much more! 

22:30 at Linna BarMamdouh (SWE/LB) is a Beirut-born/ Gothenburg-based multimedia artist, curator, event organizer, and DJ. His DJ set is exceptional as he has an immense love for blending an eclectic mix of non-Eurocentric contemporary music inspired by his cultural background as an immigrant from the Levant. 

Nordic Culture Club is a venue for cultural practitioners and enthusiasts from across the Nordic Region and around the world. Here, we experiment with and present unique interdisciplinary experiences with a mix of everything from dance, music, performances and interactive experiences to monologues, catwalks, drag, quizzes, installations, video works, and much, much more.

Nordic Culture Point has been granted the EcoCompass environmental certificate. We’re making every endeavour to reduce our carbon footprint, which is why all travel within the organisation is carefully planned. Use public transport when you visit us, and you’ll contribute to a greener cultural scene, too! 

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