Nordic Culture Club – November


Welcome to our club at Suomenlinna!

Nordic Culture Club is held on the first Friday of each month, is free to attend and refreshments are always on offer. Doors open 18:00, Showtime 19:00!

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Tonight’s guests are:

SOPHIA MITIKU is a Helsinki-based artist whose work reflects liminal spaces of daydreams and desire, pink noise, glitches of nostalgia – a requiem for love. Mitiku is a singer and producer, and is currently working her debut album, Copacabana, which will be release later this year. 

OLLI VUORINEN is a juggler, and director and founder of Nuua company. Vuorinen is a very productive contemporary circus artist who has performed in 21 countries. He is known for his personal approach to performing, innovative juggling techniques, and multi-faceted theatre skills.  For this autumn, Nuua company is preparing “Meanwhile”, a new work which will premiere in Järvenpäätalo (8.11) and Sello-Sali (25.1) 

SILVURDRONGUR (Silverkid) is a Faroese multi-award-winning filmmaker, writer, and rapper who mixes dark, Nordic hip-hop with a perverse pop-vibe. The lyrics of Silvurdrongur range from the absurd to the heartfelt, dealing with everyday life and existential questions of the modern age. 

Silvurdrongur is also a part of the collective ÆÐRASOPPAR, a Faroese flowerpunk naprap semi-supergroup which erupted from the societal slumber of 2020 and released its 20-song debut album last Christmas eve. The music of Æðrasoppar is fun, instinctive, and full of surprises, mindfucks, twists and even turns. At Nordic Culture Club they perform as a joint duo. They always manage to hypnotise the audience with strange feelings of doom, wonder, and extreme presence on stage. 

Nordic Culture Club is a venue for cultural practitioners and enthusiasts from across the Nordic Region and around the world. Here, we experiment with and present unique interdisciplinary experiences with a mix of everything from dance, music, performances and interactive experiences to monologues, catwalks, drag, quizzes, installations, video works, and much, much more.

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